Teaching an elephant to dance
Executive summary

Teaching an elephant to dance:

Strategies to gracefully make changes to teams, processes and tech for a successful digital transformation


Teaching an elephant to dance
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Proven approaches to digital transformation

The elephant in the room is your organization’s current technical landscape. While every organization would love to work in a modern technical environment powered by microservices and DevOps, most organizations have layers of infrastructure and hierarchy to rebuild. For these businesses, the challenge is teaching their current elephant to dance like a nimble ballerina.

You are not alone. Most companies are making strategic changes to their business. Reducing costs, getting ahead of the competition, being more responsive to customer needs –these are all good reasons to embrace new architectures and ways of working.

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There is no single architectural pattern or technology platform that works flawlessly in every single environment.

The organizations that win at digital transformation are the ones that have the clearest understanding of their own goals and culture, and it looks different for each of them.”

Burr Sutter,
director of developer experience

Advance your digital transformation with these key strategies:


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Teaching an elephant to dance

Teaching an elephant to dance

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