How to innovate with new technologies

A 4-step approach to innovating with new technologies

We live in an age where emerging technologies are a constant. At the same time, we struggle to embrace digital transformation and innovation and the need to adopt new technologies quickly. How can we support the ramp-up process for new technologies? Unfortunately, a simple one-time management decision will not suffice. This 4-step approach might, however:

  1. Acceptance and inspiration

  2. Room for hands-on experience

  3. The minimal viable product (MVP) Phase

  4. Scale-up knowledge

Download the whitepaper for the details of each step and a summary of the key takeaways of this approach.

  • Stefano Trentini


    Executive Consultant, Former Head of Software Engineering at SBB IT.

    Focus on lean management, agile enterprise, software engineering, sourcing advisory. 20+ years of consulting and 10 years line management in a corporate environment.


    Michael Siebert


    Senior Solution Architect within Red Hat Switzerland

    Responsible Pre-Sales for Enterprise Consulting Business and Technology Partner Lead for AWS, Azure and GCP in Switzerland.