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Technology overview

Deliver highly reliable and available database performance

Microsoft SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides a reliable, security-focused database foundation for apps

Modern business and consumer applications operating across native, web, and mobile platforms rely on fast access to data. To meet business requirements for reliability and availability, databases that support these applications must deliver high performance and increased stability on a security-focused foundation.

Additionally, IT teams must standardize on a consistent, cross-infrastructure foundation that simplifies IT operations and offers database and application portability. Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 deliver a highly available and reliable foundation for database operations that meets modern digital business needs.

Together, SQL Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux provide:

  • Dynamic scalability to ensure applications can access the data and resources.
  • Advanced security features to protect data at rest and in motion.
  • Instance- and database-level HA for increased database stability.
  • Performance capabilities and features that accelerate database operations.

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