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10 guides to do more with containers in 2023

Find out what's happening in the world of containers and how to better manage this technology in Enable Sysadmin's top 10 containers articles of 2022.
Storage containers configured as arches

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When I began working on containers in 2014, the technology and tools were still new. After eight years and an incredible amount of effort, the space has truly matured; containers have proven themselves and flourished.

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Even all these years later, the growth we see every year is still amazing, and 2022 was no different. All this growth means that it's sometimes hard to keep track of everything that's happening. If you're worried you missed anything, we have you covered with the top articles about containers from 2022. Once you review these articles, check out Ricardo Gerardi's review of the top Podman containers articles of 2022.

A handful of highlights about containers

Kubernetes has grown to be a giant in the containers space, the unquestioned king of clustering and orchestration. The list reflects this, with almost half of our articles focused on Kubernetes and OpenShift.

Operators are unsurprisingly a focus—the degree of customization and extensibility they offer to a cluster makes them a powerful tool. If you're unfamiliar with the term, Manna Kong and Soundharya Pabba have an introduction to what operators are (and why you should be excited) that I'd encourage reading first. After that, you can follow up with their article on creating operators and an example of their use. Finally, read an example of an operator in the wild with Shveta Sachdeva's introduction to Red Hat's Advanced Cluster Security.

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Stepping away from operators, you can also get assistance with debugging networking issues in an article by Anthony Critelli on packet sniffing within a cluster.

As a Podman developer, I am keenly aware of one thing: While using containers is simple, the underlying technologies usually are not. If you want to improve your understanding of how containers work, I highly recommend Building containers by hand using namespaces. This series of articles by Steve Ovens leads you through building a simple container using standard Linux tools. He uses this to explain namespaces—the core technology the kernel uses to separate containers from the rest of the system. Whether you're a newcomer to containers or a veteran looking for a deep dive into low-level container technology, this is an excellent series of articles, and it's no surprise they ended up in the top 10.

Wrap up

You can see the complete list of the top articles from 2022 below. If these articles inspire you, please consider submitting an article to Enable Sysadmin. Join our community to learn how to become a writer for our site.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to seeing what 2023 will bring as containers continue to take over the world.

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