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Red Hat Insights for Operational Efficiency and Security

These Red Hat Insights datasheets provide topline features and benefits of the proactive management capability to improve operational confidence, security and compliance visibility, and optimize skills and resources.

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Manage Your Linux Environment for Success

This E-Book discusses the challenges, tools and best practices associated with streamling large-scale Linux environments. Discover greater system life-cycle management and security vulnerability and compliance management.

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Discover How Red Hat Customers Get a Trillion Dollar Benefit From Their Operating System

This whitepaper details the RHEL economic footprint, its advantages on revenue, expenses, and resource expenses, as well as uncovers ecosystem opportunities.

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The Business Value of Red Hat Openshift

This IDC white paper shares the survey findings from nine organizations that use Red Hat® OpenShift as their primary application development platform. The findings include an average annual savings of $1.29 million per 100 developers and higher revenue of $7.42 million per organization.

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Executive Linux Containers Checklist

To promote growth and digital transformation, organizations must find the right balance between developer effectiveness and operational efficiency. This checklist helps assess business needs and impacts to help you choose a Linux® container.

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