Partners: Red Hat and Nvidia

Accelerating AI and a vision of the future

Red Hat and NVIDIA partner to deliver the latest innovations, sharing an AI vision fueled by open source, cloud-native technologies.

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What we’re doing together

Red Hat and NVIDIA are committed to open source collaboration to accelerate delivery of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered applications. We work together to help you run your business using familiar infrastructure on many footprints, from on-site, virtualized, and private cloud deployments to public clouds—and all the way to the edge of the network.

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Advance hybrid cloud AI

The Red Hat and NVIDIA AI-Ready Enterprise platform includes NVIDIA AI Enterprise software and support services certified to run with Red Hat® OpenShift® on NVIDIA-Certified Systems. This platform addresses three key challenges:

  • Complexity with deployment and scaling

  • Lack of self-service access to AI tools and infrastructure 

  • Isolated operations environments

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Kick-start your AI journey: Hands-on labs with NVIDIA LaunchPad

The NVIDIA LaunchPad program provides immediate, short-term access to the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite running with Red Hat OpenShift.

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Enhance AI orchestration and automation

Red Hat OpenShift is a Kubernetes container platform built for an open hybrid cloud strategy. The NVIDIA BlueField data processing unit (DPU) offloads and accelerates infrastructure tasks from the server central processing unit (CPU) for more efficient and more security-focused servers and networking. Together, Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, and NVIDIA BlueField DPUs provide a consistent, cloud-native application platform to manage hybrid cloud, multicloud, and edge deployments with enhanced orchestration, automation, and a focus on security.

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Simplify AI workload deployments

NVIDIA GPU Operator for Red Hat OpenShift helps simplify and accelerate compute-intensive machine-learning and deep-learning (ML/DL) modeling tasks, as well as deploying inferencing jobs across datacenters, edge compute deployments, and public clouds. The Feature Discovery plug-in within the GPU Operator allows OpenShift to dynamically allocate the correct GPU for its optimal workload. The joint solution is compatible with NVIDIA-Certified Systems and Red Hat Enterprise Linux certified servers.

Simplify AI workload deployments

Empower AI at the edge of the network

Leading enterprise, industry, and telecommunications companies are shifting workloads from traditional datacenters to the outer boundaries of public and private networks. They are focused on bringing processing power and storage closer to the end user or data sources and are often faced with specific requirements to ensure productivity, security, and compliance. These requirements are imperative to delivering high-value services, intelligent industrial-grade edge applications, and scaling across geographically distributed locations. Technical innovation at edge deployments is a critical component of the Red Hat and NVIDIA joint strategy.

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Accelerate development and deployment of cloud-native AI apps

AI is transforming how modern enterprises are doing business and pressing organizations to increasingly integrate AI capabilities into cloud-native applications to deliver more insight and value. AI workloads have different requirements than traditional IT compute, but Red Hat and NVIDIA provide machine learning operations (MLOps) solutions you need to deploy these applications and frameworks with confidence. Developing and operationalizing AI-powered cloud-native applications on NVIDIA-Certified Systems with Red Hat OpenShift, and featuring NVIDIA GPUs and DPUs, accelerates projects by enhancing efficiency and productivity for software developers, IT operators, and data scientists.

Accelerate Development of Cloud Native AI Apps

Accelerate AI for modern datacenters

Red Hat and NVIDIA provide accelerated AI infrastructure for bare-metal and virtualized deployments on site and in the public cloud. You can use NVIDIA’s NGC software hub to access GPU-optimized DL and ML applications and pretrained AI models on Red Hat OpenShift to take advantage of the massive parallel-processing capabilities of this solution.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the base operating system certified on NVIDIA’s DGX AI/ML systems, ConnectX adapters, and BlueField DPUs. It serves as a common link, connecting modern IT with a consistent, reliable, and flexible operating system that connects every technology within your IT stack. Additionally, precompiled driver packages available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux provide a predictable deployment foundation for NVIDIA GPU acceleration across hybrid cloud environments.

Experience IT manageability purpose-built for AI on-site capability with DGX

Bring the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift to NVIDIA DGX Systems, a platform purpose-built for the unique demands of AI. You can deploy these universal systems for any AI workload with the familiar management tools of Red Hat Enterprise Linux while employing IT-developed methods and optimized AI software from NVIDIA. Red Hat OpenShift is also certified for use with DGX as a part of the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software program.

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Run advanced financial and market risk applications with record-breaking performance

The Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC)-A2 Benchmark suite is the industry standard for testing technology stacks used for compute-intensive analytic workloads. Red Hat and NVIDIA collaborated to create the first public STAC-A2 results using Red Hat OpenShift. Compared to all other publicly reported results, this solution, based on Red Hat OpenShift and NVIDIA DGX A100, set several new records for performance metrics and energy efficiency. The results affirm Red Hat OpenShift's ability to run compute-heavy, high-performance workloads.

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Spotlight videos

Build the future you want: Red Hat Summit 2022 keynote with Red Hat and NVIDIA

Enterprises are at a crossroads, and the approach they take in selecting technologies and partners has never been more critical. Red Hat CTO Chris Wright invites viewers to reimagine what they believe is possible so they can build the future they want.

theCUBE: Think bigger on AI

Continuous improvement of AI models in production is critical. Justin Boitano, VP of Enterprise and Edge Computing at NVIDIA, and Tushar Katarki, Director of Product Management at Red Hat, discuss how you can think bigger with AI.

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB Customers know that they've got to embark on this journey to apply AI to transform their business... And so, we built the LaunchPad program to give them instant access to AI servers with Red Hat OpenShift, with the MLOps tooling… They can do hands-on labs and walk out with a blueprint for building their application with the software and containers supported in production and operating at scale with OpenShift.

Justin Boitano

Vice President of Enterprise and Edge Computing, NVIDIA

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Discover how Red Hat and NVIDIA can help accelerate AI across hybrid cloud and modern datacenter environments.