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Start or continue your path toward certification through Power Training, which offers accelerated versions of our Red Hat training courses. You can take advantage of our special rate and receive access to:

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Since these are 2-day courses, you will need to attend both days and can only add a single course to your schedule. For specific times, browse the session catalog.

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Getting started with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Begin your automation journey by creating content for your systems and devices. See how to automate configuration management, provide consistency, ensure compliance, and implement pipelines across your enterprise. This course will get you started with automation content creation using Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform content tools, execution environment builder, automation content navigator, Ansible Content Collections, and Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed. Learn about playbooks, plays, modules, plug-ins, facts, roles, and more.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform advanced features

See how Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform scales automation content with AI, architecture, and event-driven action. Learn how to accelerate content creation with Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant, manage large-scale deployments through Event-Driven Ansible controller and Red Hat Insights, and respond to activity in your enterprise with Event-Driven Ansible.

Cloud services readiness

This course teaches how to configure Red Hat OpenShift® Service on AWS clusters as part of pre-existing AWS environments, and how to integrate Red Hat OpenShift Service with AWS services commonly used by IT operations teams, such as Amazon CloudWatch.

Machine learning, Red Hat OpenShift AI, and you

Attend this course to learn more about the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) with Red Hat OpenShift AI. You’ll get an overview of the Red Hat OpenShift AI platform and manage basic machine learning models.

An open practice agile crash course: Fun for all ages!

Have you ever heard someone say, “We need to be more agile,” and wondered what they meant? Have you ever seen people working on projects with sticky notes all over the wall and wondered, “What is all that for, and why does it look like so much fun?” If you answered yes (or even maybe) to these questions, this offering is for you. In this 2-day crash course, you will learn practices from the Open Practice Library that can help you bring more agile and DevOps concepts into your projects. Explore Kanban, empathy mapping, social contracts, and more.

Containerizing applications

Curious about containers but unsure of where to start? Join us for this overview of container technology. Come for the containerization, and stay for the knowledge you’ll gain around building container images from scratch, running containers from the command line, and creating networks for your containerized applications.

Security and Security-Enhanced Linux: The best of friends

Are you a Linux® admin who’s having trouble navigating those pesky Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) alert messages? Not sure why you can’t just turn it off anymore? Join this 2-day course for an overview of SELinux and other advanced Linux and container security concepts. We’ll go back to the basics and explain core functions and purpose, then dive deeper into troubleshooting and advanced concepts.

CentOS migration, Red Hat Enterprise Linux upgrades, and what has changed

CentOS Linux 7 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 are heading into retirement. Learn how to move your workloads onto Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 or 9 and become better prepared for the changes between these major releases.

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