New revenue

For every $1 spent in OpenShift subscriptions, partners can generate $5 in services+.

+ This is an average value., ratios may vary by region.

Source: Red Hat

New service

Add to your menu of offerings:

  • Monoliths to microservice application modernisations
  • Cloud native application development
  • API centric agile integration
  • Containerization
  • Migration
  • DevOps
  • Managed services
  • Hybrid cloud delivery models

Deeper customer

Raise your relationship levels with your customers from transactional to deriving a business-aligned, agile and minimal viable product engagement model in a fast growing market.

Learn More

Find out how you can join the Red Hat OpenShift Practice Builder Program, contact

*Terms & Conditions

  • Submit a business plan on OpenShift or Middleware Services for OpenShift Solutions to your Red Hat Channel Account Manager for approval
  • Have a minimum of two pre-sales and four consultants in your organization receive the Openshift OPEN delivery accreditations by 31 December 2018.
  • Amount of new business booked can be accumulated over several deals over the duration of a year upon signing up for the program.
  • OpenShift and/or Middleware Services SKUs must make up 50% of the deal value to get a rebate. Rebates are disbursed based on the full deal value.
  • Disbursement of market development funds is based on the approval of the overall business plan and can be used for demand generation, sales incentives, enablement and proof of concept.
  • Deals pertaining to this program will not be eligible to receive additional deal registration benefits.