E-Book Series

DevOps Culture and Practice with OpenShift

Deliver continuous business value through people, process, and technology

Your practical, step-by-step guide to unleash the power of open processes and technology working together.

Transforming to a DevOps Culture

As the art of bringing development and IT operations together, DevOps is only partially about technology—and mostly about collaboration. This is why transforming how your teams work together is key to building a culture of innovation that delivers business results.

From the Red Hat Open Innovations Lab team, this series of seven e-books offers tips, tricks, and real-world stories from the trenches to show you how to build an agile organizational culture that supports successful DevOps initiatives.

DevOps Culture and Practice with OpenShift is a distillation of years of experience into a wonderful resource that can be used as a recipe book for teams as they form and develop, or as a reference guide for mature teams as they continue to evolve."

David Worthington
Agile transformation coach
DBS Bank, Singapore

This book is like having a great travel guide you can pull out on your journey, that gives you the direction and ideas you need when you need them. I use this book as a go-to reference that I can give to teams to help them get up and running fast."

Gabrielle Benefield
Mobius Loop

This e-book series will help you:

  • Understand and apply people, process, and technology practices to make OpenShift a success in your organization

  • Learn DevOps concepts and tools to connect culture and practices through a continuous loop of discovery, pivots, and delivery

  • Build psychological safety and trust in an open culture

  • Facilitate lean and agile design thinking

  • Build empowered product teams within your organization

Start small, learn fast

No matter your role at your organization, this e-book series meets you where you are on your DevOps journey. You can start at the beginning with Section 1 and read each e-book in a sequence or simply read the sections that interest you. Either way, you will experience real-world stories, use cases, facilitation guides, and technical details to help you build a DevOps culture within your organization on the Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform.

Practice Makes Perfect

This e-book introduces DevOps culture and practices. It also gives an overview of a navigator for continuous discovery and continuous delivery to achieve DevOps culture.

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Establishing the Foundation

This e-book offers the technical foundation and practices needed to establish an open culture that enables high-performing teams to achieve DevOps within their organization.

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Discover It

This e-book explains practices to discover the why, who, and how for building great application products to run on OpenShift and deliver early and continuous business value.

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Prioritize It

This e-book shows how to prioritize work by taking an experimental approach based on business value and risk.

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Deliver It

This e-book covers approaches and techniques to learn and measure iterative and incremental delivery at multiple levels.

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Build It, Run It, Own It

This e-book looks at the technology and walks through the steps, patterns, and tools needed to confidently deliver and operate case study applications and platforms.

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Improve It, Sustain It

This e-book describes how we navigate the infinite loop to continuously learn about and improve our products and technology—and how the same mental model used for application products can be applied to platforms and strategy.

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