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Happy third anniversary, Enable Sysadmin!

In just three years, this community site "by sysadmins, for sysadmins" has given millions of people information to help them do their work better.
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On June 1, 2019, Enable Sysadmin launched as a community publication for sysadmins, by sysadmins, just a few months before I started working at Red Hat in September 2019.  I moved to Raleigh in 2017, fresh out of the Navy and working hard to firm up my Linux administration skills as a database administrator for another company.

I had wanted to work at "the Tower" since moving to Raleigh. So I was excited when I received a call about a new opportunity at Red Hat to write technical articles for a new website for systems administrators. Little did I know that this new website was going to change my outlook on Linux and the community around it, not to mention offer a great opportunity for me and my family.

Even a few months after starting the site from scratch, the Enable Sysadmin team had a great plan in place. But as a newcomer to the space, the idea that a passionate group of authors would just "find us" sounded unlikely to me. Fast forward three years, and I'm happy to say that I was mistaken.

I am now the Community Manager for the Enable Sysadmin site. I have gone from writing articles to running programs and helping Linux community members to share their own work by writing articles for us. I am so proud of this group of writers. We have had a massive reach into the greater Linux community and a real impact on the lives of our readers and authors. I've heard from people who have gotten jobs after contributing and received promotions based on the things they have learned from our site. Students have written us telling about how useful they find the great content that our community writes and publishes.

I want to give a shout-out to all of our contributors and the dedicated writers who make up our Sudoers group, past and present. Here are some metrics that we can all celebrate together.

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In just three years, we have reached almost 9 million users with our content. Those users have accessed articles written by our community over 16.1 million times. We have had over 25 members become Sudoers, and we have had hundreds of people sign up to join our community.

If this inspires you, reach out to the team at or fill out our web form and join the community today. Here's to another great year!

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Tyler Carrigan

Tyler is the Sr. Community Manager at Enable Sysadmin, a submarine veteran, and an all-round tech enthusiast! He was first introduced to Red Hat in 2012 by way of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based combat system inside the USS Georgia Missile Control Center. More about me

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