Red Hat Certification remote exams frequently asked questions

Get certified from wherever you are with remote exams from Red Hat.

Remote exams are delivered in a live environment running on candidates’ own X86_64, Fedora-compatible and cloud-based systems, and are observed by a remote proctor.

About remote exams

How are Red Hat Certification exams delivered?

Answer: Red Hat Certification offers 3 options: classroom exams, on-site exams, and individual exams. Individual exams can be scheduled at a testing center or as a remote exam.

What are remote exams?

Answer: Red Hat remote exams are delivered in a live environment running on candidates’ own X86_64, Fedora®-compatible systems and cloud-based environments, and are observed by a remote proctor.

What is meant by performance-based testing?

Answer: Performance-based testing is testing by doing—that is, by performing real-world tasks similar to those you would perform in a job role. All Red Hat Certification exams are performance-based tests that give you the practical application needed to demonstrate your skills.

What are preliminary exams, which are also available online?

Answer: Preliminary exams are hands-on exams that test skills and knowledge of a subject area, but not in sufficient depth to earn Red Hat Certification. These exams assess skills and demonstrate progress toward proficiency for those on a learning path toward certification.

Are all exams available for remote delivery?

Answer: Not all exams are currently available for remote delivery but we will be adding the remote delivery option to more exams. When you purchase an individual exam, you will be able to select the remote testing option when it is available.

How to enroll

After I purchase an individual exam, how do I choose a remote exam?

Answer: After you purchase your exam, you will get access to the exam scheduler, which will allow you to schedule a testing center or a remote exam. You can also switch between remote and testing center exams if you do so 24 hours or more in advance of a scheduled exam.

What is the minimum interval between attempts for exam retakes?

Answer: You may not take the same exam more than once in the same day. Red Hat may elect to enforce a minimum interval between exam attempts.

If a remote exam is not available or right for me, what are my options?

Answer: You can choose to take an exam in a testing center or you can enroll in a scheduled classroom exam session. If you do not see a good option for you among our locations and facilities, be sure to talk to a Red Hatter about how we can bring our training and certification offerings to you. 

Is there a price difference between a remote exam and a testing center exam?

Answer: No. Remote and testing center are two options for the same individual exam price.

I have certification exams through my Red Hat Learning Subscription (Standard or Developer edition). Will I be able to use my attempts for remote exams?

Answer: Yes. Any individual exams that include a remote delivery option are available through the exam scheduler.

Policy and proctoring

What are the technology requirements for taking a remote exam?

Answer: Technical requirements and materials needed for remote exams are available in the Get ready for your Red Hat remote exam document. Log in to view this post and find the most recent information available about system and technical requirements

What if there is a power or network outage during the exam?

Answer: If network connectivity problems arise within the first 30 minutes of the exam and you are unable to resolve them, you can request to discontinue and reschedule your exam attempt. If you are able to resolve the issue quickly, you will be able to resume where you left off once you boot to the live USB and connect to the exam environment. 

When will the timed portion of my exam start?

Answer: Your exam will not start until the proctor launches it. The exam will be initiated after your workspace is scanned and your identity is authenticated during the check-in process. If your workspace does not pass a room scan, you will not be permitted to take the exam. You will be asked to reschedule your session.

What will happen to my time if my exam is interrupted?

Answer: The timed exam session may not account for time lost to a power or network outage. We strongly recommend an uninterrupted power supply for both the computer and network equipment. If you lose connection with the proctor during the exam, please follow the URL to the support chat in your confirmation email.

Will I have access to support during the exam?

Answer: If any support is needed, contact the proctor via chat using the URL provided in your confirmation email. The proctor cannot answer any questions related to exam content.

Will I be observed throughout the duration of the exam?

Answer: Yes, you will be observed by the proctor during the entire exam. 

Is it necessary for me to be alone while taking the exam?

Answer: You must show the proctor your workspace before starting the exam and demonstrate that no one else is in your space or you will not be permitted to proceed. We recommend you choose a quiet, private room for testing where you will not be disturbed. If someone enters the room during your exam, it will be suspended and the proctor will ask you to inform the other person to leave the room.

How do I know that the camera is positioned correctly?

Answer: The proctor will provide guidance on camera positioning before the exam begins.

How should I arrange my workspace for a remote exam?

Answer: Choose a quiet, private location where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the exam. Your desk should be clear of everything except your exam hardware. Unplug and turn off any additional monitors, displays, computers, or other hardware in your workspace. Remove any pictures, whiteboards, or items on the wall with writing on them. The proctor will inspect your workspace prior to the start of the exam and you will be asked to remove any items that do not pass the room scan. 

What items are prohibited during a remote exam?

Answer: Please avoid having any materials or content related to the course or exam subject in your workspace. Use of or access to the following items or any similar items within your workspace during the exam is prohibited: 

  • Smart or connected devices including phones, tablets, and similar electronics. 
  • Writing instruments (including but not limited to pens, pencils, and markers). 
  • Printed materials (including but not limited to paper, sticky notes, notepads, and books). 
  • Whiteboards. 

You are not allowed to take notes during an exam using paper or anything other than the systems provided for the exam itself. You should remove your watch, rings (except for wedding bands and engagement rings), bracelets, earpieces, any type of headphones, headsets, earphones, or earbuds.

If I have special equipment for a disability, may I use it during the exam?

Answer: If you need any special assistance during your exams, you must notify Red Hat of your needs a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the exam start date. You will also need to apply for a special accommodations request. Red Hat is committed to offering certification exams regardless of ability status. While we cannot guarantee that a remote exam will work for everyone, we will make every reasonable effort to find a delivery approach that will work for you.

May I eat and drink during the exam?

Answer: Drinks and small snacks are allowed during your exam, but they have to be checked by the proctor on camera before the exam begins.

Does the live exam environment modify my computer in any way?

Answer: The live exam environment does not access your installed operating system, file systems, or computer. On some computers it might be necessary to change the boot order in the firmware, but for most systems a keystroke combination will allow a one-time boot order change. After you have used the live environment for a compatibility test or an exam, you can reboot, disconnect the boot medium, and boot into your usual operating system, which will be unaffected by the live environment.

When and how will I receive exam results?

Answer: You will receive your results via email within 3 U.S. business days.