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Our deep commitment to the open source community is key to our success, and it extends beyond our technology. Through our collaborative open culture, Red Hatters connect with each other to support our local communities and the world at large. We do our best when we do good together. 


Strengthening the communities where we live and work

Our corporate citizenship efforts include donations to nonprofit organizations, gift matching, and global volunteer programs. We primarily focus our efforts in areas Red Hatters care about the most, including organizations that provide for basic human needs, STEM education in primary/secondary schools, higher education, environment and sustainability, and health.

We donated more than US$4.2 million to charitable and educational causes worldwide.

We donated US$925,000 to 2,200+ nonprofits to match Red Hatters’ personal donations.

Red Hatters contributed 4,000+ hours to open source science and education projects through our skills-based volunteering pilot, Red Hat Impact.


Fostering innovation through an open organization

At Red Hat, we have a unique culture rooted in open source principles. We collaborate and share ideas, create inclusive communities, and welcome diverse perspectives from all Red Hatters, no matter their role. We’re leaders in a movement larger than ourselves. We work to defend software freedom, connect people and ideas, and show the world the power of the open source way.

Red Hat closed the 1.8% global gender-pay equity gap.

Nearly 100 senior leaders took on a 10-month learning journey to examine and build the mindsets that foster inclusive behaviors and positive change.

We embraced workplace flexibility, allowing associates to choose if they wanted to work from the office, from home, or in a hybrid environment.


Reducing environmental impact through sustainable practices

With initiatives and associate engagement focused on reducing waste and power usage, recycling, and composting, we continue to think creatively to find new ways of bringing business and environmental responsibility together—whether working from home or in an office.

We decreased Scope 1, 2, and known Scope 3 emissions from 2019-2021 by 17%.

Red Hat's energy intensity per full-time employee decreased by 34% from 2019-2021.

Red Hat joined OS-Climate, an open source project that aims to build technology and data platforms to better integrate the impacts of climate change in global financial decision-making and risk management.


Defending the open source ecosystem

We’ve spent more than two decades collaborating on community projects—including protecting open source licenses—so we can continue to develop software that pushes the boundaries of technological ability.

Our Product Security team celebrated 20 years of providing our customers and the open source community with the guidance, stability, and security needed to confidently deploy enterprise solutions.

We compiled and released years of our articles, blogs, and resources into a comprehensive whitepaper, An open approach to vulnerability management: Red Hat’s methodology.

Red Hat sponsored research to discover corporation and business leaders' rationale for contributing to open source projects.


Empowering the nonprofit sector with open source technologies

The Social Innovation Program uses open source for the greater good by leveraging Red Hatters' skills, Red Hat technologies, consulting, and training services to contribute to open source projects. By working with nonprofits and other sectors, we’re helping build shared open source solutions that are solving societal problems.


Red Hat’s culture is built on a strong foundation of ethics, transparency, and accountability to ensure we do business the right way. Our policies, processes, controls, and training are designed to foster an environment of trust both inside and outside of Red Hat in all communities in which we operate.

Red Hat Research

Red Hat Research fosters collaborative research efforts in key areas including AI/ML, security, cloud, hardware, the OS, and more.  From large multi-partner collaborations to doctoral theses,  we enable connections between Red Hat engineers, professors, researchers, and students to identify great research ideas and bring them into open source communities.

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