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Gulf Air's big data innovation delivers deeper customer insight

One of Gulf Air's priorities is helping the airline understand how passengers feel about its products and services, as well as enhancing more customer loyalty by delivering offers and promotions. This customer activity is addressed by analyzing social media posts in both Arabic and English languages through an internally developed big data solution, Arabic Sentiment Analysis. The solution is built on open source technologies and runs in the airline’s private cloud using Red Hat products. Gulf Air is able to achieve unprecedented levels of reliability, availability, and scalability in a highly virtualized environment that encompasses more than 200 servers and more than 100 different enterprise applications. The combination of open source technologies and its own internal skills has enabled Gulf Air to deliver big data innovation — extremely cost-effectively.

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Genfare gives transit agencies and riders innovative payment technology

Transportation solutions provider Genfare introduced the first mechanical farebox back in 1880. For many years, transit agencies were happy with that basic payment solution. But transit has accelerated rapidly in the past decade. Riders now want multiple payment options—from coins to cards to smartphones—and transit agencies must deliver to keep and grow their customer base. To help these agencies, Genfare completely transformed itself from a hardware company to a software company using Red Hat® solutions and Red Hat Consulting.

Acuity Systems helps government use data to better serve U.S. citizens

The federal government is embracing open source technology for the same reason as businesses everywhere: it delivers cost savings and continuous innovation. This is good for the government and for citizens. Recently, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) turned to Acuity Systems and Red Hat to implement an open source platform that pulls together the massive amount of data it collects. Having all the data in one place means easier analysis and better decisions.

Amadeus uses a new agile platform to improve the travel experience

As the demands of travelers grow more complex, companies in the travel industry must constantly raise the bar. To do this, they rely on Amadeus, a leading provider of advanced technology solutions within the global travel industry. Amadeus chose Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform, formerly known as OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat, as the foundation for its new application infrastructure. This new platform, Amadeus Cloud Services, enables better customer service, increased platform availability, streamlined operations, and reduced time to market for new services.

BSE builds the world's fastest trading system

BSE built a new trading system using open source technology from Red Hat. As a result, BSE has expanded from 10 million to 400 million orders per day, achieved the fastest trading speed in the world, and reduced its total cost of ownership by 90%.

Atos helps UK government communicate better and improve services for citizens

Atos, a digital services company, deployed Red Hat technology to build a solution that helps certain government agencies share information quickly, securely, and cost­-effectively. With the new solution, departments can share information in near real time at lower cost.

Paddy Power Betfair delivers online bets fast and reliably

As a large public online betting company, Paddy Power Betfair handles an enormous volume of transactions every day—and does it quickly, consistently, and securely. At the same time, it must innovate and keep its customers engaged with a reliable flow of new products. If it doesn't, it risks losing market share. With Red Hat® solutions, the company upgraded its infrastructure to meet these challenges.


By moving to a private OpenStack® cloud using Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OpenStack Platform, KBS cut subtitling time for its broadcasts in half and now delivers programs to its worldwide viewers faster than ever.

GCA Technology Services grows IT training business

GCA Technology Services is a premier provider of technical education across the United States and has been a Red Hat partner since 2008. To grow its training and certification business alongside Red Hat's rapid growth, GCA took advantage of resources available in Red Hat® Online Partner Enablement Network (OPEN), Partner Marketing on Demand, and Red Hat Connect for Business Partners.

UNE EPM Telecommunications cuts costs in half

UNE EPM Telecommunications provides IT and communication services throughout Colombia. To maintain its profitability and competitiveness, UNE EPM needed a directory solution to support its growing bandwidth needs and reduce costs. Red Hat® Directory Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux® cut its licensing and support costs almost in half. Red Hat Training prepared UNE EPM employees to operate and support the new software, ensuring a smooth transition.

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