Success story

Elo simplifies management, automates processes, and gets to market faster


Fast facts

Industry: Financial services
Region: LATAM
Headquarters: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Company size: 115 employees

With Red Hat OpenShift, we can plan and complete a proof of concept in 1-2 weeks, then launch what we’ve developed into production faster to stay ahead of the competition.


About the Company

Elo Serviços S.A., a Brazilian credit card company, was founded in 2011 as a joint venture between 3 of the country’s leading banks. It has grown rapidly since its foundation—and currently has 115 million cards in circulation—but it faces increasing competition. Elo needed an agile, efficient IT environment to simplify management and deliver products to market faster. With help from Red Hat, Elo can deploy, manage, and update its customer service and applications faster to stay ahead of its competition.

The path to success

Challenge: Stay competitive in a rapidly growing market

Elo faces increasing competition from traditional banks and new financial technology (fintech) start-ups. The company wanted a new platform to quickly develop and deploy applications using virtual machines (VMs). Elo also wanted to create application programming interfaces (APIs) to better connect its services with its parent banks, other payment platforms, and e-commerce sites. “We want to develop a collaborative, API-based environment for our partners, including fintech companies,” said Anderson Agapito, IT infrastructure manager at Elo. “This change will best position us to influence the market and compete.”

Case study

Payment card company cuts time to market for new services

Solution: Deploy agile enterprise IT solutions

To gain these capabilities using an open source solution, Elo decided to partner with Red Hat. With support from a Red Hat® Technical Account Manager (TAM) and Red Hat Consulting, the company deployed several enterprise technologies from Red Hat, including a new operating system, a container solution to support app development and deployment, an automation engine, a system management solution, and scale-out file storage. “We’re fans of open source and don’t want to be locked into one technology or vendor,” said Agapito. “As a result, we found that Red Hat is the ideal partner.”

Results: Improve productivity to stay innovative

With its new Red Hat environment, Elo uses automation to reduce server deployment from 45 days to 1-2 days. This increased speed helps the company more quickly create and launch new promotions and services. “With Red Hat OpenShift, we can plan and complete a proof of concept in 1-2 weeks, then launch what we’ve developed into production faster to stay ahead of the competition,” said Agapito. Elo also simplified management and integration of its IT resources, gaining efficiency and improving insight into IT security to protect customer and company data from threats and meet compliance requirements.

Competition in this market is aggressive. New entrants can break through quickly. We want to be quick to spot and act on opportunities. With Red Hat, we’re able to move fast.