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Red Hat® OpenShift® Virtualization, an included feature of Red Hat OpenShift, provides a modern platform for organizations to run and deploy their new and existing virtual machine (VM) workloads. The solution allows for easy migration and management of traditional virtual machines onto a trusted, consistent, and comprehensive hybrid cloud application platform.

OpenShift Virtualization offers a path for infrastructure modernization, taking advantage of the simplicity and speed of a cloud-native application platform and aims to preserve existing virtualization investments while embracing modern management principles.

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What are the benefits of Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization?

Easy migration

OpenShift Virtualization includes a simple way to migrate your existing virtual machines from other hypervisors with the included Migration Toolkit for Virtualization. You can even migrate VMs to the cloud. For hands-on support with your migration, Red Hat Services provides mentor-based consulting along the way.

Speed up time to production

Streamline infrastructure and application delivery with a platform that supports self-service options and integrations with CI/CD pipelines. With OpenShift Virtualization, developers can build, test, and deploy workloads faster, accelerating time to market.

Manage everything from one platform

OpenShift Virtualization simplifies operations with a single platform for VMs, containers, and serverless workloads. As a result, you can standardize infrastructure deployment and maintain all workloads using a common, consistent set of established, enterprise tools.

A path to infrastructure modernization

When you migrate VMs from other platforms and run them on Red Hat OpenShift, you can get the most from your existing virtualization investments while taking advantage of cloud-native architectures, streamlined operations and management, and new development approaches. 

How does virtualization work with Red Hat OpenShift?

OpenShift Virtualization is an operator included with any OpenShift subscription. It enables infrastructure architects to create and add virtualized applications to their projects from OperatorHub in the same way they would for a containerized application.

Existing virtual machines can be migrated from other platforms onto the OpenShift application platform through the use of free, intuitive migration tools. The resulting VMs will run alongside containers on the same Red Hat OpenShift nodes.

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OpenShift Virtualization adds new objects to your Red Hat OpenShift cluster via custom resources to enable virtualization tasks. These tasks include:

  • Creating and managing Linux® and Windows VMs.
  • Connecting to VMs through UI and CLI tools.
  • Importing and cloning existing VMs, including VMware, vSphere, and Red Hat Virtualization VMs.
  • Managing network interface controllers and storage disks attached to VMs.
  • Live migrating VMs between nodes.

Modernize your virtualization strategy

As businesses embrace digital transformation and move towards containerized architectures, virtualization administrators must adapt to these changes. With OpenShift Virtualization, teams can take advantage of infrastructure that allows VMs and containers to be managed by the same set of tools, on a single unified platform.

Maintain existing VM investments

OpenShift Virtualization is a consistent, efficient, and secure platform for deploying both traditional and next-generation applications.

Create a path to modernization

OpenShift Virtualization brings modern application development processes and tools to VMs to expedite the modernization of existing applications.  

Deploy with partners

The Red Hat partner ecosystem unlocks the transformative capabilities of OpenShift Virtualization so you can have the modern application platform you need to meet your organization’s virtualization needs today and into the future.

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Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Red Hat OpenShift offers a security-focused, unified platform to deploy and manage VMs, apps and data across the hybrid cloud.

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Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) simplifies infrastructure and app management by helping customers integrate traditional VMs into a modern, cloud-native environment.

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