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What is the Red Hat Developer Hub?

The Red Hat® Developer Hub is a developer portal that promotes efficiency and collaboration by visually consolidating elements of the development process. It streamlines onboarding speed, developer productivity, and collaboration through a unified and open platform while reducing cognitive load and frustration for the development team. With pre-architected and supported approaches, and by centralizing technology resources, developer focus can center on delivering a competitive advantage for their organization.

Development teams can help make sure workflows run smoothly by providing the right tools, validated environments, and on-demand services. Confidence is gained that software will adhere to organizational best practices and standards without introducing unnecessary bureaucracy. Maintenance becomes more manageable, and future teams can easily assume control within a known, trusted environment, while also enhancing governance.

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Product details

A unified view

Increase developer productivity with a singular dashboard of environments, assets, and resources in this Red Hat supported and enhanced developer platform.

Centralized repository

Gain commonality and synchronized access to latest versions of functionality and documentation, plus the ability to properly deploy scheduled enhancements.

Self-service guardrails

Emphasize team focus on crafting innovative code without distraction of the details of the technology utilized through supported approaches.

Open source with Red Hat innovation

Proceed with confidence using open source solutions vetted by Red Hat for developers and organizations with a focus on security and compliance.

Real-time views

Assess the health and security of your services with supported and verified Red Hat plug-ins. 

Platform engineering help

Curate workflows, and support developers, by implementing platform engineering best practices to help your team deliver innovation.


Increase developer productivity

The Red Hat Developer Hub framework is  supported, allowing the automation of many tasks. Developer focus remains on writing code and delivering features faster. Red Hat plug-ins allow customization, integration with Red Hat OpenShift®, and simplified management.

Enterprise-grade support

Both Red Hat Developer Hub and Red Hat plug-ins are supported, allowing your organization to keep delivering competitive products. Rely on our support and expertise, security resources, and a partner ecosystem with dedicated documentation, easing deployment and maintenance.

Streamline onboarding

Red Hat Developer Hub provides a scalable platform that can grow with your business, allowing new teams to onboard quickly, and gives all teams access to common tools and services. An enhanced and productive developer experience is obtained by standardized backing services that are consistent, compatible, and repeatable.

Increased flexibility

A solution based on Backstage—an open source platform for building developer portals—helps avoid vendor lock-in. With certified pipelines and GitOps plug-ins specially designed to integrate with Red Hat OpenShift, development teams can accelerate efforts—running on-premise, private or public cloud, or network edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Red Hat Developer Hub compare to DIY open source tools?

Using the best solutions from rapidly iterated upstream open source projects, we’ve created a tailored platform with a complementary suite of verified and curated tools. Components needed for operations teams to support developers are contained within a centralized, consistent location. Organizations benefit with increased productivity, fewer development obstacles, and simplified  governance of technology choices, with self-service options and well-defined guardrails.

With Red Hat's extensive experience in building, developing, contributing to, and expanding open source projects into industry standards supported by its development expertise and leadership, there is an increased likelihood of Backstage realizing broader industry adoption.

What are the Red Hat Plug-Ins for Backstage, and how do they interact with the Red Hat Developer Hub?

Red Hat Plug-ins for Backstage are complementary to Red Hat Developer Hub and the Backstage ecosystem. Along with Red Hat Developer Hub, we are releasing  plug-ins for Backstage to extend the functionality of the upstream project. Red Hat Plug-ins for Backstage will work in tandem with the Developer Hub, and pre-existing customer installations of Backstage, improving the overall experience and extending its functionality, while eliminating compatibility and operational issues. 

Does the Red Hat Developer Hub only benefit new IT organizations?

The Red Hat Developer Hub offers tools for organizations of any size or experience level. The tools that standardize approaches across teams are especially important for businesses, as  development teams struggle with the dual challenge of securing access to vital resources while adhering to organizational best practices. The release cadences typical in agile software development, including continuous integration, test automation, environment configuration, and version control all provide constant challenges.

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