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Complexity is inevitable, not insurmountable. With a comprehensive app platform, you can run any workload—traditional, containerized, AI—in or across any environment.

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Launching new features faster with Red Hat® OpenShift®

User self-service rose 70% and feature release time fell 51% after Telefónica Colombia migrated to our comprehensive application platform.

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We always want to provide our users with new, surprising services that will help us stand out in the market. We can deliver that innovation much faster with Red Hat OpenShift.

Roberto Puche

Chief Technology and Information Officer, Columbia, Telefónica Colombia

Modernize without resistance

Do legacy applications divert resources from innovation―or keep the organizational engine running? The people who make and maintain them know the answer: Both.

Modernization means different things to different businesses. You need the flexibility to choose when and how to replatform, refactor, or rebuild. And our solution―a comprehensive application platform―gives it to you.

Clear your path to production

Red Hat® OpenShift® creates consistent experiences across environments, workflows, and teams. Powered by Kubernetes and backed by a vast ecosystem of partners and integrations, it frees you to choose the right vendors, strategies, and tools to consistently put high-quality updates in your customers’ hands.

A Leader in container management

In the 2023 Magic Quadrant™ for Container Management, Gartner® recognized Red Hat’s completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Verizon accelerates 5G with Red Hat OpenShift

Launch ambitious apps anywhere

Our comprehensive platform is designed to break the barriers that stand between you and the full benefits of cloud-native development.

Need to tap open source community innovation without sacrificing enterprise support? Deliver in the cloud without distractions? Train AI models in the public cloud, but serve them in the datacenter? It’s all doable.

With a full suite of capabilities, integrations, and partners, Red Hat OpenShift abstracts away operational complexity. Available in self- and fully managed versions, it simplifies the way you build, deploy, manage, and secure modern applications across the hybrid cloud.

Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift is the complete application platform for a complex world. With trusted technologies, comprehensive tools, and a consistent experience across environments, it streamlines and accelerates the way you make, modernize, and manage applications.

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Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud IBM Cloud

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