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Our world has transformed. Financial services companies must optimize business processes and evolve their cultures so they can meet changing demands. Red Hat is here to help you meet the needs of your customers—while still reducing risk, and maintaining compliance—in these unprecedented times.

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Reliable support as you evolve

Adapting to change is what open source is made for. Red Hat is committed to supporting your financial services organization as you navigate an evolving global landscape.


Alliance Bank built an open architecture container platform using agile methodology, which simplified banking services, increased security, and standardized processes.

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With Red Hat open source software, we are able to innovate and scale up quickly to provide a fast and responsive customer experience. The OpenShift platform enables the bank to embrace the agile principles of delivering value and speed to both our external and internal stakeholders.

Ken Yong,
Head of Group Transformation Office,


I need to simplify processes and personalize experiences

Banks are placing a high priority on adapting to dynamic conditions for a digital future. Red Hat’s enterprise open source solutions can help banks modernize systems, automate processes, and streamline application delivery for more efficiency, improved customer engagement, and lower costs.

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Cloud-native development for banking
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Modernizing Core Systems Has Become a Business Imperative for the Banking Industry

Read this Harvard Business Review report to learn how modernization helps banks launch digital products and services more quickly, and access new customers, markets, and revenue streams.


I need to modernize my payment infrastructure

The rapid growth of the global digital economy is putting pressure on organizations to modernize their payments infrastructure. Red Hat provides the tools to help simplify real-time processing, reduce operating costs, and adapt more quickly to changing market conditions.

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5 benefits of modernizing your payment infrastructure
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SIA scales Italian payment platform app using Red Hat OpenShift

Learn how SIA improved operational efficiency and scalability to handle growing demand.


I need to improve services for policyholders

Policyholders expect their insurers to be fast, reliable, and secure—especially when they’re needed the most. Red Hat can help insurance companies’ IT departments build and run scalable and flexible applications across environments.

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5 strategic benefits of cloud-native development for insurers
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core system modernization

Core system modernization: Time for a new roadmap

Read this study by Forrester to learn why core modernization is imperative for insurers.

Red Hat + Partners

Red Hat works closely with an extensive system of partners to offer flexible and complete solutions that work best for your specific needs.

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Learn how Red Hat’s relationship with NVIDIA helped Royal Bank of Canada make the most of artificial intelligence to improve customer experience. 

Why Red Hat?

Financial services firms are looking to enterprise open source solutions to adapt to customer expectations for convenience, speed, and engagement.

Red Hat can help your organization streamline operations to provide better customer experiences.

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The Helvetia Group

When you adopt an agile development process and produce software—and results—fast, it can transform the business and provide a completely new way to do projects. Without Red Hat OpenShift, this shift would not be possible.”

Dr. Nikolas Nehmer,
Head of Helvetia Container Platform, The Helvetia Group

The Helvetia Group achieved 99.9% uptime with Red Hat’s open source solutions.

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