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Linux platforms

A stable, proven foundation that’s versatile enough for rolling out new applications, virtualizing environments, and creating a secure hybrid cloud.

The easiest way to manage Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, keeping your systems running efficiently, properly secured, and compliant with various standards.

A secure, scalable platform for building public and private clouds.

Red Hat JBoss Middleware


A fully certified Java EE 7 container that includes everything needed to build, run, and manage Java-based services.

A single solution for large-scale websites and lightweight Java web apps. Includes certified, production-ready versions of Apache Web Server, Apache Tomcat, and common connectors used in between.

An intelligent, distributed data-caching solution that elastically scales apps by providing fast and reliable access to frequently used data.

A certified, Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) for developing, testing, and deploying rich web apps, mobile web apps, transactional enterprise apps, and service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based integration apps and services.

A key component of our middleware's managed solutions, providing a single point of control to deploy, manage, and monitor your middleware products, apps, and services.


A lightweight, small-footprint, flexible enterprise integration platform that enables rapid integration across the extended enterprise—on-premise or in the cloud. Includes modular integration capabilities—a new style enterprise service bus (ESB)—to unlock information.

A flexible, small-footprint, high-performance messaging platform that delivers information reliably, enabling real-time integration and connecting the Internet of Things (IoT).

An integration platform that unifies data from disparate sources into a single source and exposes the data as a reusable service.

Red Hat 3scale API Management Platform makes it easy to share, secure, distribute, control, and monetize your APIs for internal or external users.


A robust business rules management system (BRMS) that lets business decision makers quickly create and change business rules.

A business process and decision management platform that combines business rules management, business process management (BPM), and complex event processing.

Virtualization platform

Cloud computing


A single-subscription offering that lets you build and manage an open, private Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud and ease your way into a highly scalable, public-cloud-like infrastructure based on OpenStack®.

A comprehensive IaaS cloud management platform that improves your virtual and cloud infrastructures with advanced capacity planning and resource management features.

A secure, scalable platform for building public and private clouds.

An open, hybrid Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that lets developers quickly develop, host, scale, and deliver apps in the cloud.

An enterprise software system that gives you a scalable, secure framework to establish and maintain trusted identities and keep communications private.

An operating system-independent, network-based registry that lets administrators centrally store user identity and application information.


A combination of a container-based app-development platform, private cloud infrastructure, public cloud interoperability, and a common management framework that modernizes your infrastructure so you can deliver services quickly while maintaining governance and security.


Open, software-defined file storage that combines reliable Red Hat software with x86 commodity hardware, eliminating the need for high-cost proprietary storage systems.

A robust, highly scalable block and object storage platform for enterprises deploying public or private clouds. Voted No. 1 storage option by OpenStack users.

Mobile platform

A platform that offers centralized control of security and back-end integration, collaborative app development, and a range of deployments that increase the speed of app integration with enterprise systems and delivery.


The easiest way to manage your Red Hat infrastructure for efficient and compliant IT operations. Lets you establish trusted content repos and processes that help you build a standards-based, secure Red Hat environment.

A comprehensive IaaS cloud management platform that provides self-service for your virtual and cloud infrastructures while maintaining security and compliance. Lets you focus on enabling services versus managing systems so you can deliver services across your cloud environments with ease.

A simple, agentless automation platform that can improve your current processes, migrate apps for better optimization, and provide a single language for DevOps practices across your organization. Ansible Tower by Red Hat is a centralized API for your Ansible automation and a graphical user interface for Ansible.

A predictive analytics tool with real-time, in-depth analysis of your Red Hat infrastructure, letting you predict and prevent problems before they occur.

Available services

An intensive, highly focused residency with Red Hat experts where you learn to use an agile methodology and open source tools to work on your enterprise's business problems.

Lab-intensive, real-world training courses that help you master your Red Hat technologies, plus certifications you earn after passing hands-on, practical exams.

Engagements with our strategic advisers who take a big-picture view of your organization, analyze your challenges, and help you overcome them with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions.

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