Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes

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What is Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes?

Red Hat® Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes controls clusters and applications from a single console, with built-in security policies. Extend the value of Red Hat OpenShift® by deploying apps, managing multiple clusters, and enforcing policies across multiple clusters at scale. Red Hat’s solution ensures compliance, monitors usage, and maintains consistency.

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes is included with Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus, a complete set of powerful, optimized tools to secure, protect, and manage your apps.

Manage Kubernetes clusters

Run your operations from anywhere that Red Hat OpenShift runs, and manage any Kubernetes cluster in your fleet.

Accelerate development to production

Speed up application development pipelines with self-service provisioning.

Increase application availability

Deploy legacy and cloud-native applications quickly across distributed clusters.

Central management automatically

Free up IT departments with self-service cluster deployment that automatically delivers applications.

Ease compliance

Streamline security compliance with centralized policy enforcement across clusters.

Reduce operational costs

Lower operational costs with a unified management interface.


Running on Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes includes capabilities that unify multicluster management, provide policy-based governance, and extend application life-cycle management.

Unified multicluster management

  • Centrally create, update, and delete Kubernetes clusters across multiple private and public clouds
  • Search, find, and modify any Kubernetes resource across the entire domain
  • Quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues across your federated domain
  • When creating or updating clusters, automate tasks such as configuring cloud-defined storage, static IP addresses, updating network components (like firewalls or load balancers), and more with the integration of Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform

Learn more about multicluster life-cycle management. 

Policy based governance, risk and compliance

  • Centrally set and enforce policies for security, applications, and infrastructure
  • Quickly visualize detailed auditing on configuration of apps and clusters
  • Immediate visibility into your compliance posture based on your defined standards
  • Automate remediation of policy violations and gather audit information about the clusters for analysis with the integration of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Learn more about governance, risk, and compliance.

Advanced application life-cycle management

  • Define and deploy applications across clusters based on policy
  • Quickly view service endpoints and pods associated with your application topology—with all the dependencies
  • Automatically deploy applications to specific clusters based on channel and subscription definitions
  • When deploying or updating applications, automate configurations like networking, databases, and more with the integration of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Learn more about application life-cycle management.

Multicluster observability for health and optimization

  • Get an overview of multicluster health and optimization using out-of-the-box multicluster dashboards with the ability to store long-term data
  • Easily sort, filter, and do a deep scan of individual clusters or, at the aggregated multicluster level
  • Get an aggregated view of cluster metrics
  • Troubleshoot faster using the Dynamic Search and Visual Web Terminal capabilities

Learn more about multicluster observability. 

Multicluster networking with Submariner

  • Provide cross-cluster network infrastructure with Submariner for direct and encrypted communication 
  • Use DNS service discovery for Kubernetes clusters connected by Submariner in multi-cluster environments
  • Uniformly manage and observe microservices-based applications network flow for behavioral insight, control, and troubleshooting

Learn more about multicluster networking with Submariner

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management +
Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Using Ansible Automation Platform with Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management helps you operationalize your OpenShift environments through automation. With the help of Event-Driven Ansible, you can:

  • Manage multiple conternized environments at scale across multicloud and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Invoke Ansible Playbooks before or after key life cycle events.
  • Perform automated actions at day zero, day one, when deploying and updating applications, and at other critical moments.

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