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Red Hat OpenShift cloud services

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As businesses strive to remain competitive, move faster, reduce costs, and adapt to changing business needs, they find the need to modernize technology and processes to take advantage of new tools and create new opportunities. But with opportunity comes complexity. 

As the complexity of managing multiple clouds, applications and tools increases, trusted expertise for proactively managing a container environment simplifies operations and reduces complexity. Cloud services eliminate the need for organizations to dedicate resources to install, configure, and develop the skills required to maintain and manage infrastructure. Instead, those valuable resources can focus on building strategic business applications.

If your organization is looking to build, deploy, manage, and scale applications across hybrid environments without sacrificing developer productivity, cloud services may be the right choice.

With Red Hat OpenShift cloud services, we manage the full stack from infrastructure to daily operations and provide a consistent hybrid cloud experience, allowing you to reduce operational complexity and focus on building and scaling applications that add more value to your business.

Backed by the experience of a global SRE team and built on the industry-leading Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat OpenShift cloud services are optimized for performance, scalability, and security across every major public cloud, giving you a flexible and trusted platform to quickly deploy applications.

Faster time to value

Quickly deploy applications in minutes that scale as needed across clouds and geographies, enabling a focus on innovative applications, not managing infrastructure.

Reduce complexity

Fully-managed Red Hat OpenShift throughout the stack, 24x7 specialized expert site reliability engineering (SRE) support and an industry leading 99.95% SLA.

Hybrid cloud flexibility

Delivering a consistent experience on every major cloud giving you the choice and ease of use to choose the offering that best fits your needs.

2 charts comparing Red Hat OpenShift Managed Services to Other Kubernetes Services

Fully managed vs managed

  • Unlike other ‘managed’ services on the market, Red Hat manages the full stack, not just the Kubernetes control plane. We provide management and version maintenance for the master, infrastructure, and worker nodes and additional services such as CI/CD, logging, and metrics.
  • Enhanced security with automated patching and zero downtime upgrades and maintenance.
  • Backed by the expertise of our specialized 24x7 global SRE team and a financially-backed and industry-leading 99.95% SLA.

Consistent Red Hat OpenShift experience across the hybrid cloud

  • Red Hat OpenShift is the industry-leading* Kubernetes platform. As your organization organically grows and spreads workloads across multiple cloud providers, Red Hat OpenShift's cloud-agnostic features enable developers to maintain their productivity levels without interruption.
  • Consistent, cloud-first services across major public clouds including native cloud availability, seamless integration with cloud services, on-demand pricing and the ability to apply managed services costs against committed cloud spend.

Complete managed application platform

  • Red Hat OpenShift delivers a complete platform; application development, deployment, and runtime platform with additional features such as build pipelines, monitoring, security, service mesh, etc. on top of upstream Kubernetes. 

Management of risk with added security and deployment flexibility

  • Reduce security & compliance risk through 24x7 global SRE coverage.
  • Limit operational and staffing dependencies attached to particular providers.
  • Reduce integration bottlenecks with repeatability and consistency for multi-cloud deployments.
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Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift

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Red Hat and Microsoft

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Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

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Red Hat

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Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

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Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

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Red Hat and AWS

Red Hat and AWS



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