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What are Red Hat OpenShift cloud services?

As a production-ready, turnkey application platform, Red Hat® OpenShift® cloud services help businesses focus on innovation and core competencies rather than the ongoing management of their application platform.

Red Hat OpenShift cloud services automate the deployment and management of Red Hat OpenShift clusters, so organizations can build, deploy and scale applications quickly without having to incorporate and learn new technologies and processes, or manage integrations.

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Cloud-native offerings with the leading cloud providers

The Total Economic Impact™ of Red Hat OpenShift Cloud Services

Red Hat commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the potential economic impact customers could see by adopting Red Hat OpenShift cloud services. Forrester projects the following three-year financial impact for a composite organization representative of interviewed customers:

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shortened development cycle.


increase in developer productivity.


Improvement in operational efficiency.

Benefits of Red Hat OpenShift cloud services


Turnkey application platform

Fully integrated with tools, consistent interfaces and application programming interfaces (APIs) to reduce friction between teams during development, deployment, and operations.


Global SRE expertise

Red Hat Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) are experts in Red Hat OpenShift who provide automated proactive monitoring, self-service tools, and self-healing systems to make deploying applications easier and less error-prone.


Consistent hybrid cloud experience

Red Hat OpenShift provides a managed turnkey application platform on every major public cloud with a consistent user experience no matter where it is deployed. You can also invest your AWS or Microsoft Azure committed spend on Red Hat products and services.

Why choose Red Hat OpenShift cloud services?

Management of risk with added security and deployment flexibility

  • Reduce security & compliance risk through 24x7 global SRE coverage.
  • Limit operational and staffing dependencies attached to particular providers.
  • Reduce integration bottlenecks with repeatability and consistency for multi-cloud deployments.
Cloud services
Billed by
Managed by 
Supported by 
Red Hat and Microsoft Azure logos

Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Cloud hosted


Red Hat and Microsoft

Red Hat and Microsoft

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated logo

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

Cloud hosted
Choice of:
AWS or Google Cloud

1. Red Hat for

2. AWS or Google
Cloud for
infrastructure used

Red Hat

Red Hat

Red Hat and IBM logos

Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

Cloud hosted
IBM Cloud



Red Hat and IBM

Red Hat and AWS logos

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

Cloud hosted


Red Hat and AWS

Red Hat and AWS

How our customers use Red Hat OpenShift cloud services

Facing technical debt from rapid growth and acquisitions, Brightly worked with Red Hat Consulting to build a new platform through Red Hat® OpenShift®on AWS (ROSA).

Banfico logo

Banfico reduced application delivery times from 25 minutes to near-instant deployment.

Andreani logo

Andreani simplified the deployment process and scaled to meet a 35% surge in customer demand.

Boehringer Ingelheim logo

Boehringer Ingelheim improved efficiency and scalability to deliver health solutions 5 times faster.

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Hands-on, in-product experience

Use Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS in the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console.

Get started with ROSA

Learn how to get started with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS.

More about OpenShift


An enterprise application platform with a unified set of tested services for bringing apps to market on your choice of infrastructure.

A fully supported sandbox in which to rapidly develop, train, and test machine learning (ML) models.

Software-defined storage that gives data a permanent place to live as containers spin up and down and across environments.

A single console, with built-in security policies, for controlling Kubernetes clusters and applications.



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