Red Hat OpenShift features and benefits

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What are Red Hat OpenShift features and benefits?

Red Hat® OpenShift® manages hybrid technologies and applications, helping you modernize existing applications and accelerate new cloud-native application development and delivery at scale across any infrastructure.

TrustRadius awarded Red Hat Openshift Best Feature Set in 2023 based on customer feedback. 

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Who uses Red Hat OpenShift?

Red Hat OpenShift gives developers and IT operators a consistent app platform to manage hybrid cloud, multicloud, and edge deployments so your business can innovate quickly.

Business leaders

By choosing Red Hat OpenShift, business leaders help their operations teams focus on managing workloads, while helping developers deploy code the way they want to. Red Hat OpenShift gives teams a consistent user experience and a single platform on which to deploy and scale digital products and services across the hybrid cloud. Teams only need to learn 1 interface, regardless of where Red Hat OpenShift is deployed, making it faster and easier to make changes and get apps up and running.

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IT operations

Red Hat OpenShift is focused on security needs and makes deploying and managing container platforms easier. With integrated platform monitoring and automated maintenance operations and upgrades built in, Red Hat OpenShift gives IT operations teams the control, visibility, and management they need to deploy, manage, and build code pipelines with ease.

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Red Hat OpenShift gives developers a single, consistent user experience and the freedom to quickly build and deploy apps anywhere using the tools they want. By developing on a Kubernetes platform instead of coding to the specifics of their existing infrastructure, developers can automate once and run anywhere, whether they are on-premise, on a public cloud, or using a hybrid infrastructure.

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What's included with Red Hat OpenShift?

Red Hat OpenShift includes a fully compliant instance of upstream Kubernetes and is tested with dozens of technologies. Red Hat OpenShift ships with Red Hat Enterprise Linux® CoreOS and supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux for worker nodes and standard Docker and CRI-O runtimes for containers managed by Kubernetes. 

Benefits of Red Hat OpenShift

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Red Hat OpenShift