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Our experts can help you, your team, and your organization develop the practices, tools, and culture needed to more efficiently modernize existing applications and to build new ones.

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What are your cloud-native
development challenges?

As part of your cloud-native development journey, you want to deliver distributed, API-enabled services on containers. We believe that strategy involves more than technologies and implementation techniques—it also requires changes in design practices and delivery strategy.

Together, we’ll apply proven technical blueprints as well as analysis and design methods to manage applications through the entire software development life cycle—allowing you to decrease time to market, speed your response to issues, and deliver value to your customers.

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I want to stay competitive by creating applications more quickly.

Using a prescriptive design methodology geared toward creating a better understanding of your business needs, goals, and challenges, we work with you to create and implement a custom solution to streamline application development and delivery.

Our approach identifies key areas in which you can modernize apps to become more agile and put your apps in play fast. These changes will allow you to embrace shifting IT challenges without disrupting your business.

Understand the foundations of building, deploying, scaling, and troubleshooting cloud-native applications with Red Hat® OpenShift® training.

Get caught up on the state of enterprise open source and the strategic role it plays

Learn how our methodologies can spark improvement in time to market for feature delivery

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Improve your open source knowledge

I want to explore continuous improvement to keep pace with evolving demands.

We can help you develop a strategy for using distributed, orchestrated containers to create an agile cloud application architecture. Products like Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Runtimes, and Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces can inform and accelerate that strategy, blending open source innovation with open practices.

Building a hybrid cloud approach adds portability and scalability to your applications, while automated deployment pipelines improve delivery quality and organizational agility.

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I want to maximize my investment by implementing APIs and user interfaces.

We can help you address the inherent difficulties in managing and supporting a variety of applications, services, and microservices through the use of a container platform. As part of finding the best way to deliver your cloud-native apps, we can guide you through the use of open source technologies to adopt cloud-native development practices.

We also connect you with and help build communities of practice as you work toward increased efficiencies and higher productivity.

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Learn how cloud-native development can improve your organization

Download our overview to see how adopting cloud-native development can align your organization, processes, and technology.

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