Open networks transform industries

Telecommunications service providers are accustomed to change. But the rate of transformation is accelerating as 5G becomes mainstream. An open source approach - supported by a robust, certified ecosystem - gives service providers the flexibility to meet their customers' demands. Learn how Red Hat can help.

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TELUS unlocks the possibilities of 5G mobile edge

TELUS has teamed up with Red Hat and our partners to deliver smoother, faster mobile connections to customers.

Learn how TELUS sees the benefits of 5G transforming a variety of industries.

Hear TELUS CTO share examples of how his company is helping the automotive, oil and gas, and agriculture industries innovate.

The future of 5G is being decided today

5G isn't just about doing the same things faster. Hear from the pioneers who are using 5G technologies to transform the way we connect, interact, and live.


Building an adaptable 5G Core

5G Core is the central nervous system of the network, essential to providing connectivity and performance. Learn more about building a 5G Core that offers ease of deployment and operation, security, compliance, and cost effectiveness for diverse use cases.


Open vRAN in Prime Time: Transitions for Established Providers

Advances in radio access network (RAN) technologies don’t just benefit "greenfield" network buildouts. Established service providers also have significant opportunities to increase deployment flexibility, reduce risk, improve resilience, and strengthen security by putting open vRAN systems to work.


Get the most out of your public cloud services

To meet rising customer expectations, boost revenue and profitability, and compete successfully, telecommunication companies need a flexible, reliable hybrid or multicloud architecture. Check out six key actions essential to successfully integrating cloud services into your strategies.

Transform customer experience

Deliver services faster

Digital services providers are competing to offer the best and most comprehensive experiences to their customers. Red Hat can help you build a containerized architecture on a flexible, scalable, open platform, so you can deliver richer and more diverse experiences closer to the customer.

Automate everything

Focus on innovation

Manual IT tasks can waste time and energy, limiting innovation and growth. Red Hat’s automation and management portfolio can help you automate routine tasks to boost productivity, improve security, and reduce delivery times. Automate to deliver consistent security and compliance across hybrid environments. Sign up for a hands-on trial with a simple, powerful IT automation solution.

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How to navigate a modern cable landscape

Service providers are constantly looking for a way to simplify their rapidly changing architecture - especially when it comes to modern edge computing. Find out why cable and media companies are adopting a new generation of network and how cloud native architectures can help.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

A secure infrastructure across telco clouds

Deploy applications and critical workloads more efficiently with a consistent experience across physical, virtual, private and public clouds, and edge deployments.  Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® provides a flexible and stable foundation to support hybrid cloud agility and innovation.

Red Hat + Partners

Partnership and multivendor solutions are critical for rapid, flexible digital service development and delivery. Through collaboration with industry leaders and innovators, Red Hat provides the reliable, standards-based software foundation and certified partner ecosystem you need to become a digital service provider.

Being a Red Hat partner

The power of our partners

Learn how Red Hat’s certified partner ecosystem can help you become a flexible, agile digital service provider.

Find a partner

Discover how Red Hat works closely with our partners to build innovative open source solutions.

Become a partner

Would you like to learn more about the Red Hat Partner Connect program?

Partner perspective

Open source and 5G enable new levels of connectivity​​

As 5G technology becomes the industry standard in mobile telecommunications, enabling new levels and areas of connectivity, how can it be deployed across industries? 

Red Hat partner, Capgemini interviewed over 1000 executives in various industries to get their opinions of 5G’s potential in their lines of business. Read this interview with their CTO for insights into the results.

Red Hat Consulting Services

Accelerate telecommunications transformation

Accelerate your transformation journey

Red Hat’s immersive residency pairs engineers with open source experts, transforming your ideas into results.

Open Innovation Labs

Red Hat’s immersive residency pairs engineers with open source experts, transforming your ideas into results.

Transformation takes practice e-book

Red Hat’s immersive residency pairs engineers with open source experts, transforming your ideas into results.

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Discover how Red Hat’s open source solutions can accelerate business operations for digital service providers.

See how service providers are benefiting from higher performance, reduced costs, and increased agility by partnering with Red Hat on an open approach to network transformation.

Gain insight from peers and industry experts on the challenges and benefits of open telecommunications infrastructure.