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Helping you keep us all connected.

Global events have shifted our world overnight, turning most of our connections virtual. And the need for the network services you provide has never been greater.

Whether you’re looking to automate your network to scale faster to meet increasing capacity demands, limit outage risks, or get your teams ramped up on necessary skills, Red Hat is here to help.

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Keeping telecommunications connected

Adapting to change is what open source is all about. Red Hat’s commitment to our telecommunications customers remains solid as the global landscape evolves.

5G innovation at the edge

Our focus is very much on our CSP customers’ ability to create, distribute, and send content across their networks while maintaining the performance users expect—by optimizing performance at whatever level of network edge operators prefer.

Rob Wilmoth,
Chief Architect, Red Hat
5G e-book

Red Hat is helping digital service providers transform their networks for 5G, from the core to the edge.

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I need to keep up with increasing customer demand

Virtualizing your network infrastructure is crucial to keeping up with increasing customer demand. Red Hat’s integrated telecommunications solutions are targeted specifically to transform provider networks, combining high-performance and scalability with lower total cost of ownership.

etisalat e-book

Etisalat’s telco cloud journey

Read this analyst paper to discover how Etisalat’s transformation to the cloud made it ‘The most valuable telecom brand’ in the Middle East and Africa.

I need to increase revenue and streamline operations

Telecommunications companies must deliver services faster and bring in more revenue. Red Hat's API-centric integration solutions give you the flexibility to evolve your operations support system (OSS) and business support system (BSS) architectures. Simplify and better secure how old apps and new microservices work together with access to diverse data sources. Deliver better services, monetize assets, and innovate faster.

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RTInsights: Automation & optimization for digital service providers
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Our company’s ultimate goal is to provide customer-centric, cutting-edge services…In a competitive marketplace, agility is key to success and with Red Hat’s solutions we are able to respond more quickly and efficiently to customer demands with innovative products and services.

Osama Said,
Technology Director, Vodafone Egypt

I need to improve the digital experience for my customers

To improve the digital experiences you deliver, you need cloud-native solutions that can be deployed almost anywhere. Red Hat can help you build a containerized architecture on a flexible, scaleable, open platform, so you can deliver richer and more diverse experiences closer to the customer.


Telco leaders are increasingly embracing open source to create faster, more agile on-demand networks. Learn how in this webinar.

Ian Hood headshot

Ian Hood
Red Hat Chief Technologist

I need to make better use of resources and reduce operations costs

Manual tasks can dominate time and energy, limiting innovation and growth. Red Hat’s comprehensive automation and management portfolio can help you automate routine tasks, which significantly boosts productivity, improves security, and reduces delivery times.

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Automate to deliver consistent security and compliance across hybrid environments
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We chose Ansible Tower partly because it’s easy to use and learn. You can make very fast progress compared to other configuration management tools. We also liked that it has a large and rich API we can use to integrate with other tools.

Bojan Nikolic,
Head of I.T. Service Delivery, Swisscom

Red Hat + Partners

Red Hat works closely with an extensive system of partners to offer flexible and complete solutions that work best for your specific needs.

Learn how Red Hat’s certified partner ecosystem can help you become a flexible, agile digital service provider.

Why Red Hat?

Telecommunications service providers have to be ready to adapt to changing technologies as they happen. Red Hat and our telecommunications partners offer a comprehensive open telco platform to help your business bring new services to market faster. Give your customers what they expect.

The future of telecommunications is open

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cell towers and amorphous cloud shapes

Turkcell logo

Red Hat was a key factor in helping us achieve the high capacity to host millions of sub-services on our platform. The number of services we have successfully virtualized in just one year has set Turkcell as an example for the rest of the industry.

Aykut Demirkol,
Network Virtualization Program Manager, Turkcell
turkcell case study resource

See how Turkcell reduced costs, increased ROI, and cut launch time for new services by 66% with Red Hat.

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