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Automation solutions

Automate your tech.
Strengthen your teams.

The world has shifted. To keep up with capacity demands, your organization needs to shift along with it. And best practices, security, and compliance all have to be maintained in times of crisis, too.

Automation can help you scale both your infrastructure and teams to keep up with capacity demands and respond agilely when it matters most. Red Hat’s here to help.

Why automate?

Your people are your competitive advantage, and they can’t focus on the future when they’re overburdened with manually updating, integrating data, maintaining compliance and security, and on and on and on.

Automation can help you make the most of new technology—allowing your teams to realize their full potential.

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Enterprise network automation analyst paper

Enterprise network automation for 2020 and beyond

More enterprises are turning to network automation. Learn what they’re automating, the tools they’re using, the challenges they’re facing, and more. 

E-book: 5 steps to automate your business

E-book: 5 steps to automate your business

Getting an entire organization to support automation can be complex. Learn 5 steps to get your enterprise on the path to automation—no matter where you start.

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What's your automation challenge?

I need to reduce IT infrastructure costs through automation

Relying on unconnected, ad-hoc tools to manage IT infrastructure and software deployment is a costly burden. You need a universal, repeatable way to codify and standardize these processes to better manage your hybrid environments while cutting costs.

IT automation solutions from Red Hat can help you simplify. Gaining control of your existing and new IT environments can help you save time, reduce costs and IT complexity, and maintain security, governance, and compliance.

I need to enhance stability so that I can save time and grow my business

Global changes means that your budget is at top of mind, and your team needs to make the most of the technology that you have. They need to be efficient, so maintaining and enhancing infrastructure and network stability is more important now than ever.

Automating routine IT tasks and improving your stability with management tools can lead to greater productivity, so your teams can spend time making a bigger impact on your business. By simplifying change, you gain the time and energy to focus on innovation.

Cultural transformation with network automation at Microsoft

Working with Red Hat Consulting, Microsoft created standardized, centralized automation that reduces routine, repeatable tasks and complexity using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. This fostered a culture where DevOps teams focus on sharing knowledge, building skills, and creating innovative solutions.

Moving forward, together

People working together to adapt is what we’ve always done. Find tips and tools to help.