Choose scale over sprawl

Plenty of tools offer just enough automation for one task or process. But new opportunities emerge when you choose automation that unites disparate technologies, teams, and environments.

Less DIY = more ROI

Single-purpose and DIY automation tools create almost as much complexity as they resolve. With a single, comprehensive solution, you can automate at the scale your organization demands.

IDC report: Ansible Automation Platform delivers business value

According to IDC research, organizations who standardize operations with Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform significantly improve IT operational efficiency, speed, and scalability—realizing benefits worth an annual average of US$14.81 million and earning a 668% three-year ROI.

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Adapt to any challenge

Automation is essential for efficiency. But makeshift and task-based automation tools don’t scale, leaving developers, operators, and architects to waste time recreating and customizing those solutions for broader use.

With a more versatile solution, though, automation can scale as demand requires.

Automate more tasks in more places

Red Hat’s all-purpose automation does more types of work, for more people, in more environments, including:

  • Provisioning cloud infrastructure
  • Managing complex configurations
  • Enabling continuous integration/continuous delivery
  • Simplifying security processes

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform handles it all, anywhere. It’s a flexible platform that makes you more flexible: With operational complexity and manual tasks taking up less time, you can adapt to whatever comes next.

Automate to elevate your teams

There’s no one "right" way to automate. That’s why we work with a vast ecosystem of partners, customers, open source communities, and even competitors to integrate Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform with popular tools and technologies.

The platform itself encourages more collaboration―written in YAML, a language that mirrors human speech, and executed in low-code playbooks, it’s accessible to automation experts and novices alike. Our library of curated content and purpose-built generative AI equip users to get value from automation faster.

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Automation that does more

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform offers more capabilities, accessibility, and flexibility, so you can bring the power of automation to the teams, tasks, and environments that need it. 

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

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Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure
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