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Embrace emerging technologies, extend existing systems, and do anything in between. With flexible, open technologies, you can be ready for inevitable change.

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Bridge everything with hybrid cloud

Shifting workloads among disconnected clouds is cumbersome. In our open hybrid cloud, apps and data move fluidly across environments: public cloud, private cloud, on premise, and virtualized.

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Commence (or complete) your cloud-native journey

The right technology is just one step on a cloud-native journey. With our open tools and approaches, you can array your processes, platforms, and teams to thrive in the cloud.

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Automate your everyday processes

Repetitive tasks occupy time your team could spend on innovative work. Our open automation and management tools let you refocus and retake control.

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Why choose Red Hat containers?

Run applications anywhere

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Containers make apps more portable. Hybrid cloud infrastructure connects the environments they need to traverse. Together, they help you add functions where and when your customers need them.

Move workloads faster

UPS truck driver

In UPS trucks and planes, packages travel quickly. UPS developers move fast, too: By building on our container platform, they deliver the apps that track those parcels faster than before.

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Open technology built for change

It’s impossible to plan for everything. But with technologies founded on the enterprise Linux®, you can be prepared for anything.

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Build the foundation to run your workloads wherever you want.

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Adopt tools and techniques to create better applications.

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Automation &

Automate routine work and free your teams to focus on customers.

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