Tough workloads need tougher foundations

New capabilities often bring new layers of complexity. But with hybrid cloud platforms designed to connect to your own trusted data, AI can work for you—instead of the other way around.

Application making use of AI

Banco Galicia

Delivering AI insights fast with Red Hat OpenShift

Banco Galicia’s natural language processing solution onboards new customers faster, with 90% accuracy.

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This more automated process allowed us to save around 40% in operating costs and be the first in a series of projects using artificial intelligence.

Erico Behmer

Chief Information Officer, Banco Galicia

Unleash AI anywhere—your way

Modern IT is inherently complex. From the high-performing, GPU-powered compute resources it demands to potential mismatches among where models are built, trained, and run, AI amplifies that complexity. Near-constant iteration is essential to AI, and that requires seamless collaboration between data scientists, developers, and platform engineering teams.

That complexity multiplies when you need to deploy AI across environments. With our open hybrid cloud platforms, you can adopt AI any way and anywhere you choose. Train your models with trusted data on-prem and deploy them in the cloud. Build AI-enabled apps consistently, regardless of where they run. It’s all achievable.

Red Hat® OpenShift® AI is the platform for building, running, and maintaining AI-enabled applications and models all the way out to the edge and across the full AI lifecycle.

Stay ready for inevitable innovations

Enterprise AI made a quantum leap, seemingly overnight. With open source communities and our vast ecosystem of integrated hardware and software partners at your side, your organization can act immediately on future rounds of AI innovation as they emerge.

Red Hat AI/ML solutions create business value

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return on investment


developer time savings1

1 Conway, Sam. Corey, Benjamin. “The Total Economic Impact™ of Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Platform for MLOps.” Forrester Consulting, sponsored by Red Hat. March 2022.

Turkcell overcomes AI complexity with Red Hat OpenShift

Eliminate obstacles for teams

The people who build apps and create models can’t wait for new operational resources and environments. Clunky dynamics within and across teams, cluttered toolsets, and inconsistent processes are unacceptable barriers.

Uniting those teams around a common, powerful platform is the key to razing those barriers. Red Hat OpenShift AI empowers developers, data scientists, and operators alike with a self-service experience that delivers the resources each team needs at the moment they need it.

And we’re applying the power of AI to empower users across our portfolio with Red Hat Lightspeed, generative AI purpose-built for Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat OpenShift, and Red Hat Ansible® Automation. With it, customers can get more from our open hybrid cloud platforms.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI

Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI is a foundation model platform used to seamlessly develop, test, and run Granite family large language models (LLMs) for enterprise applications.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI

Red Hat OpenShift AI

Red Hat OpenShift AI is an integrated platform for managing the AI/ML lifecycle across hybrid cloud environments and the edge. With it, data scientists and developers can develop, train, and fine-tune models, deliver AI-enabled applications, and get experiments into production faster. 

Integrated with

Amazon Web Services NVIDIA
IBM Cloud Intel

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