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The technology landscape in healthcare is unique. Overwhelming data, data integration requirements, and vendor-dependent software, all collide together in a dated technical landscape. With the right IT strategy, we can change this landscape to engage more people with their health and wellness, using an agnostic platform approach.

Meet the critical IT demands of the healthcare industry

Increasing positive patient outcomes while driving costs down will require a platform that drives innovation for your critical initiatives, like security and compliance, connected health, clinical reasoning and IT modernization.

IT modernization

Optimize and modernize IT to meet your business needs

Modern healthcare organizations are using data to increase efficiency, manage costs, and improve patient and clinical experiences. Getting real-time insights and capabilities at the point of care requires a flexible IT infrastructure. Central to that is cloud―often hybrid or multi-cloud―and a trusted application platform.

Our enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform, Red Hat OpenShift®, provides the operational consistency and interoperability needed to advance healthcare IT innovation without managing the underlying infrastructure. Customers that need to comply with HIPAA can now use these Red Hat Cloud Services and know that Red Hat has implemented appropriate technical and administrative measures required by HIPAA.

Connected health

Intelligent Data-as-a-Service for modern data management

To improve the quality of patient care, healthcare organizations need access to the right data at the right time and in the right context.

Eliminate data silos and disparate systems with an architecture that can process data from many sources and intelligently route information to a variety of destinations. Red Hat’s intelligent Data-as-a-Service (iDaaS) solution helps make healthcare data available where it’s needed―in real-time.

Red Hat's iDaaS solution for healthcare

Clinical Reasoning

Innovate with data-driven strategy

Healthcare organizations need to make full use of integrated, curated, and enhanced data to gain insights and improve decision making. AI can enhance the collection, analysis, and interpretation of that data in real-time, but challenges like data silos and fragmented solutions have created barriers in propelling such innovation forward. 

Red Hat provides a complete solution for accelerating clinical reasoning strategies by combining validated patterns for data access and interoperability with process automation and AI, along with our consulting services. Combining the collection of data, with the useful interpretation of data that is easily shared across teams, allows people to create innovative strategies based in research.

HCA Healthcare wanted to use its data insights to find new, innovative solutions for saving lives.

Compliance and automation

Automate security and compliance

Collecting and interpreting patient data is critical for healthcare organizations. 

You must also protect that data and comply with regulatory requirements. With an automation solution in place, healthcare organizations can proactively prevent, detect, and mitigate security threats, while reducing downtime and manual effort.  

Automation can also help improve business agility.  According to a recent IDC study, customers using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform experience up to 68% reduction in business risk from downtime. For US customers, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certified, HIPAA specific profiles and playbooks are available at no cost.

Simplify HIPAA compliance with Red Hat

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Red Hat + partners

Red Hat works closely with an extensive system of partners, including the six below, to offer flexible and complete solutions that work best for your specific needs.


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Why Red Hat?

Unlike proprietary offerings, our supported, enterprise open source software is collaboratively created by thousands of developers–including the very people from the healthcare industry who use and improve the software to meet their needs.

The Red Hat development model results in tried, tested, and trusted solutions that are well-suited to meet the IT demands of the industry. It’s why 100% of the Fortune 500 healthcare companies trust Red Hat1.

Why Red Hat
Source: 1Red Hat client data and Fortune 500 list, June 2018