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A Red Hat Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your advocate within Red Hat, bringing together deep technical knowledge and an understanding of your unique business needs. TAMs are senior technical product experts who work collaboratively with your organization to drive performance and growth, provide guidance on maximizing your experience with Red Hat products, and proactively ensure a stable and secure product experience.

With a TAM, you will:

  • Build a direct relationship with a senior technical advisor who has in-depth knowledge of your mission-critical environment.
  • Drive product improvements for your business through a dedicated line of communication to Red Hat products, technologies and engineering organizations
  • Prevent issues before they arise with proactive planning, regularly scheduled technical reviews, and on-site visits.
  • Gain visibility into current and future Red Hat products to plan for and meet your long-term technology goals.
  • Get priority access to product-feature requests and fixes.
  • Execute your technology initiatives more efficiently.

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