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Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

Learn to build great products the open source way—Red Hat’s immersive residency pairs engineers with open source experts, transforming your ideas into business outcomes.

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WHO transforms global health
with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

The World Health Organization (WHO) faced an unprecedented challenge: build an online learning platform that turns valuable health information into high-impact educational resources. Scalability? Must serve millions of end-user health workers treating COVID-19 across the planet. The solution? A sustainable open source development infrastructure. 

Their timeline? An eight-week virtual residency with Red Hat.

WHO community

What to expect

In a 4-12 week Open Innovation Labs residency, your engineers are paired up one-on-one with Red Hat experts to learn how to successfully adopt Red Hat technology and open source practices.

You’ll learn to connect your team’s ideas with the best that open source communities have to offer. Red Hat experts bring deep experience with Red Hat technologies, open source communities, and the key transformative practices needed to unlock your teams’ potential.

Our immersive residency at Red Hat Open Innovation Labs brought us not only technical but also cultural benefits. The practices delivered helped our team become more collaborative. Open Innovation Labs is undoubtedly a catalyst for agility and efficiency.

Marcelo Costa
Solution Architect, Via Varejo

Start your transformation journey with us

Start your transformation journey with us

Using open in the open

Carefully crafting the environment is as important as the framework and the team. Residencies—in person and virtual—align cross-functional teams to shared goals, and equip them with the best of open source tooling.

There are no prescribed methodologies or practices. We know that each challenge may need a different approach, and we can adapt to quickly reshape solutions that solve specific problems.

Start your transformation journey with us

Building trust to pursue innovation

Your team will tackle real challenges, and apply open practices to identify potential solutions, helping to drive measurable business outcomes that matter.

One-on-one mentoring, social contracts, pair programming, and other open practices cultivate transparency, psychological safety, and trust—essential ingredients for successful team building and problem solving.

Start your transformation journey with us

Experimenting quickly to pivot toward success

Your team will learn to use tools, like our push-button infrastructure, automated by Ansible Playbooks, to speed up development and experimentation.

Breaking big ideas into small tasks, your team will deliver in increments, and continuously learn through open technology and practices as they build toward an integrated solution, and gain insights with valuable metrics.

Start your transformation journey with us

Incorporating feedback to hone your solution

Retrospectives at the end of each sprint help your team learn, iterate, and adapt as they move forward. At the end of the residency is Demo Day, when the customer team showcases the process, the work, and the results to stakeholders.

This opportunity provides valuable experience, and allows your team to share their progress, receive feedback from stakeholders, and gain valuable lessons so they can begin to build a roadmap to scale and evolve your product.

Start your transformation journey with us

Extending knowledge to scale for the future

Your team continues to learn through Red Hat mentorship and enablement resources, like theRed Hat Learning Subscription , to fill uncovered skills gaps and continue to address new business challenges.

The residency is designed to create enthusiasm to drive transformation. By sharing their experience, your team will enable and engage others to innovate solutions that can be scaled throughout your organization.

How our customers bring innovation to life

We work with companies around the world of all sizes and industries to address their business challenges.

Santander Tecnologia partnered with our team to instill a new culture and mindset, paving the way to automate their onboarding chain and reduce time to market.

Via Varejo, one of Brazil’s largest retailers, teamed up with us to learn agile and DevOps approaches that could be used to improve customer experience.

Employers logo

Workers’ compensation insurance company Employers worked with us to integrate DevOps practices as they built a new central application environment and automate their policy processes.

Curriki Logo

Curriki, a nonprofit delivering open e-learning resources, created CurrikiStudio to democratize education so those without programming expertise can create a remote learning experience.

US Navy
lockheed martin logo

Learn about the collaborative tools we use to accelerate your innovation journey

Push-button infrastructure

Navigate our interactive menu to identify the right mix of technologies to fit your app development needs.

Open Practice Library

Browse and contribute to the set of tools we use to help teams like yours build software people love to use.

Process model

DevOps training course

Take DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement (DO500) to find out how best to apply open strategies within a DevOps environment.

Transformation takes practice cover

Get your teams ready to innovate

Getting your IT organization moving fast takes more than just code—you must rethink the way your teams work. Learn how Open Innovation Labs uses a collection of open practices, paired with technology, to achieve goals. 

Transformation takes practice e-book cover

Connect with the people that turn ideas into innovation

Our open source communities are a hotbed of idea exchange and discussion surrounding best practices. Check out the latest discussions and get involved.

Twitter @RedHatLabs

Follow us for the latest digital transformation events, insights, and blog posts—plus real stories direct from residencies as we help our customers solve their transformation challenges.

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Open Practice Podcast

Join us for insightful conversations around the practices found in the Open Practice Library and gain insights to incrementally improve team delivery of value along the product delivery cycle.


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