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Curriki democratizes education with open e-learning solutions


Curriki, a nonprofit organization that delivers open e-learning resources, created CurrikiStudio to democratize education so those without programming expertise can create a remote learning experience. Curriki needed to scale to millions of users so educators could deploy CurrikiStudio easily. The organization collaborated with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs in a virtual residency and used a combination of open practices and open technology like Red Hat OpenShift to complete 6 months of work in 6 weeks, where it built a reliable, available, and scalable solution.


Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB Being part of the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs residency program has been absolutely fundamental for us. We took 6 months of work and got it done in 6 weeks with a really strong team.

Scott McNealy

Co-founder, Curriki


Scale to millions of users, deploy to multiple clouds

Curriki builds tools that provide open access to the technologies that can transform the way educational experiences are designed, created, and delivered. Virtual learning created numerous learning challenges, so to address these challenges Curriki launched CurrikiStudio, an open and interactive learning content-authoring solution. During the pandemic, the Curriki team needed to scale CurrikiStudio to millions of users and deploy it to multiple cloud providers.


Optimize code, automate installation, containerize solution

Curriki collaborated with Red Hat experts in a virtual Red Hat Open Innovation Labs residency. During this engagement, Curriki was able to optimize code, use auto-scaling capabilities with the help of Red Hat OpenShift, automate the installation through push-button deployment, and containerize CurrikiStudio. In addition, the team used practices from the Open Practice Library to define the problem, identify desired business outcomes, and measure progress toward goals.

Business outcome

Use agile methodology to improve workflows and tools

Using Red Hat OpenShift, Curriki was able to build more reliability, availability, and scalability into its solutions. Red Hat Open Innovation Labs helped Curriki accomplish 6 months of work in 6 weeks. Curriki streamlined its tools, making them easier to set up and install on all major cloud platforms. By building more robust solutions and productive teams, Curriki is better positioned to extend its offerings to the learning departments of businesses and government agencies.

Curriki speaks at Red Hat Summit

Curriki talks about bridging the virtual education gap through open source at Red Hat Summit.

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