Linux Standardization

OS consistency beats IT complexity

In enterprise tech, complexity is the constant. By choosing an operating system built for consistency across environments today, you can pivot at will in the future.

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Putting consistency in the driver’s seat with Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®

A new in-vehicle operating system coordinates the systems behind everything from driver assistance to in-car entertainment.

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By collaborating with GM on the Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System, we intend to bring the era of open source to the automotive world, benefiting automakers, ecosystem partners and consumers.

Francis Chow

Vice President, In-Vehicle Operating System and Edge, Red Hat

Standardize to stay agile

Linux is the standard for enterprise-scale operations. But not all Linux distributions are created equal. Cost-free and cloud versions are convenient, but they may not integrate with other environments or offer the security safeguards every organization needs.

Standardizing on genuine enterprise Linux from Red Hat brings consistency across environments and systems. And that consistency gives you portability, so you can deploy and move existing and future workloads anywhere.

That includes the artificial intelligence workloads organizations must deliver to compete. As the fully integrated foundation of our application platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers what teams need to deploy AI across any datacenter, public cloud or edge: performance, security, and compatibility with the broadest set of hardware, frameworks, and libraries.

Build security from the source

With Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can establish a strong security posture. Built on a trusted software supply chain, it has built-in features that let you proactively identify and mitigate vulnerabilities. That security-focused foundation gives you the flexibility to shift when circumstances demand it.

Red Hat Linux solutions create business value

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less unplanned downtime


faster dev cycles1

1Macatee, Greg. Marden, Matthew. “The Business Value of Red Hat Solutions Versus Non-Paid Open Source Alternatives.” International Data Corporation (IDC), sponsored by Red Hat. April 2023.

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Salesforce standardizes 200,000+ systems with Red Hat

With Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, our global IT operations will innovate faster than ever to deliver the reliable, scalable experiences our customers demand.

Srini Tallapragada President and Chief Engineering Officer, Salesforce

More efficiency means more time for innovation

The efficiency gains from standardizing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux are real, and they free you to focus on the work that matters most.

Unified by a single operating environment, uniform tools, and tested approaches, teams working on our flexible foundation can shift their focus from managing complexity to making better experiences for customers and users.

More time for innovation isn’t all your teams get. Upstream communities and a massive ecosystem of partners keep Red Hat Enterprise Linux on the cutting edge. New releases integrate emerging tools and techniques, so your teams can embrace innovative technologies as they emerge.

The platform for relentless innovation

From the datacenter to the edge, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the operating system that opens new possibilities. Certified on hundreds of clouds and with thousands of software and hardware vendors, it brings consistency to any environment.

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Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud IBM Cloud
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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