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Our work in open source communities

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What we do

Red Hat is an enterprise software company with an open source development model. Communities power everything we do—the products we create, the culture we embrace, and the solutions we design with customers. We advocate for them every day. Because when they succeed, our customers do, too.

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How we do it

Participate - Red Hat participates in and creates community powered upstream projects. We contribute code, collaborate on content, steward projects, mentor leaders, and sponsor events.

Integrate - Red Hat integrates multiple upstream projects, fostering open source community platforms. And we work in multi-organizational projects, bringing industry-recognized standard technologies into our own projects.

Stabilize - Red Hat commercializes these platforms and projects together with a rich ecosystem of services and certifications, while continuing to contribute back to the upstream projects of which we are a part.

Fedora Logo

The Fedora Project is a vibrant community project that produces a complete Linux-based operating system every six months that is ready for cloud instances, server platforms, and workstation environments.

Communities we contribute to

We ensure community health for Red Hat-sponsored and stewarded projects with active and participatory involvement that can include infrastructure, project management, communications, outreach, and onboarding

Software communities

We're a proud contributor to all aspects of the software stack, from the operating system and developer toolchain to middleware, desktop, and cloud. In addition, Red Hat financially supports a number of open source organizations who help us create and maintain better open source software.

Standards communities

We contribute to a wide range of open standardization efforts that define future interoperable technologies, both in software and hardware. Learn more about the standards and industry bodies in which we are active.

Resources for you

Get access to knowledge articles and resources to help guide you to better practices in free and open source software projects.

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More about open source

Red Hat is the largest open source company in the world. We build and support open source products from community projects. We give back to the community and defend open source—every step of the way.

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