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Red Hat OpenShift for developers

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Develop applications without worrying about infrastructure. Red Hat® OpenShift® gives you the ability to build and deploy applications using the tools you want and has a single, consistent user experience. 

Red Hat OpenShift lets you choose the tooling and frameworks that help you deliver apps quickly and more securely in response to your organization’s needs. You’ll be able to work collaboratively with your IT operations team and use the latest technologies without compromising agility.

Use what you love

Red Hat OpenShift provides commercial support for the languages, databases, and tooling you already use, while providing access to services, including public cloud services.

Streamlined delivery

Red Hat OpenShift includes everything you need to manage your development lifecycle: standardized workflows, support for multiple environments, continuous integration, release management, and more.

Use new technology

Red Hat OpenShift is extensible to emerging Kubernetes-based frameworks and technologies, making it possible for teams to do more with containers. Benefit from greater productivity with Knative, Istio, and machine-learning/artificial intelligence.

To achieve your CI/CD objectives, you need a platform that enables your automated processes, driving software through a path of building, testing, and deploying. 

Whether you transition to using Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines, integrate with your existing tools and workflows, or some combination of both, Red Hat OpenShift makes it possible to achieve whatever level of automation you desire. And, if those processes involve deploying to multiple Red Hat OpenShift infrastructures, you can do so easily.

Do you prefer to use a command-line interface for your day-to-day activities? Red Hat OpenShift Do (odo) abstracts away complex Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift concepts, allowing you to focus on writing code.

For example, start with odo create and specify the framework for your application (including Node.js, Java, Ruby, Perl, PHP, and Python).

When you’re ready to deploy your app use the odo push command. As you make code revisions, automatically validate, build and deploy code with odo watch.

That’s it! Your app is ready to be continuously deployed on Red Hat OpenShift.

With Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus, you’ll gain a complete set of powerful, optimized tools to secure, protect, and manage your apps. Get a library of familiar frameworks, self-service build capabilities, a central container registry, integrated container-native data services, and more. Accelerate application development and delivery with security controls that support developer efficiency.

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What are Red Hat OpenShift Operators?

Red Hat OpenShift Operators automate the creation, configuration, and management of instances of Kubernetes-native applications.


Why choose Red Hat OpenShift Serverless?

Red Hat OpenShift Serverless extends Kubernetes in order to deploy and manage serverless workloads.


Why choose Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh?

Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh gives you a uniform way to connect, manage, and observe microservices-based applications.

More about OpenShift


An enterprise application platform with a unified set of tested services for bringing apps to market on your choice of infrastructure.

An AI platform that provides tools to rapidly develop, train, serve, and monitor models and AI-enabled applications.

Software-defined storage that gives data a permanent place to live as containers spin up and down and across environments.

A single console, with built-in security policies, for controlling Kubernetes clusters and applications.



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