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What is Red Hat Application Foundations?

Red Hat Application Foundations provides organizations with a comprehensive set of components to develop and modernize their software. The technologies in Application Foundations have been engineered to help build, deploy, and operate applications with security in mind and at scale across the hybrid cloud. Red Hat Application Foundations can be used with applications that run on premises or in the cloud and when combined with Red Hat OpenShift®, creates a platform that streamlines execution across the entire application life cycle. Red Hat Application Foundations capabilities include:

Application and API connectivity

Share, secure, distribute, and control your APIs across their entire life cycle

Data transformation

Develop and manage services with container-native integration tools

Service composition and orchestration

Accelerate the development and scalability of connected applications and services

Real-time messaging and data streaming

Create, discover, and connect to real-time data streams to unlock event-driven and data analytics patterns

Identity management and access control

Secure web applications, APIs, and services with Keycloak based on popular standards such as SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect, and OAuth 2.0

Java application frameworks

Provide developers with a set of products, tools, and components for building and maintaining cloud-native applications using lightweight runtimes and frameworks (like Quarkus) for cloud architectures

Java Application Servers*

Provide developers with the capabilities to deploy Java EE applications that simply integrate with the existing Java EE services such as databases, queues, and security

Red Hat Fuse product End of Life (EOL) will occur on June, 30 2024 at which time an Extended Lifecycle subscription will be required for customers who wish to continue support. The Red Hat build of Apache Camel, included as part of a Red Hat Application Foundations subscription, is the solution going forward for enterprise integration needs. 

Red Hat Cloud Services help you get there faster

With Red Hat Cloud Services, organizations can choose which parts of their application platform they want to manage internally versus having Red Hat host manage for them. Cloud Services allow organizations to quickly add new capabilities to their applications or offload responsibilities so they can focus on high value initiatives.

Features & benefits

As organizations move to the cloud and containers with Red Hat OpenShift, they gain efficiency and scalability with a consistent application platform to manage hybrid cloud, multicloud, and edge deployments. This enables application teams to innovate with modern cloud-native patterns such as microservices, API first design, data streaming, and event-driven architectures that unlock new capabilities and benefits for their organizations.

Accelerate innovation

Combine CI/CD efficiency with innovation and increase delivery speed of new applications to improve customer experiences, internal processes, and competitive advantage.

Modernize cloud management

Resolve the complexities associated with maintaining both existing and new applications using open cloud-native approaches.

Adapt to changing requirements

Help developers adapt quickly when demands or requirements shift with comprehensive application frameworks, runtimes, and integration components.

Support hybrid and multicloud

Create a unified application environment designed to support and streamline the complex reality of hybrid cloud operations and modernization to the cloud.

Build a platform for applications

Construct a platform for development and operations teams to build and modernize applications efficiently and securely.

Outcomes of using Red Hat Application Foundations

Red Hat Application Foundations helps you create a platform for building and deploying applications that supports:

  • Developers by enabling higher productivity and innovation.
  • Operations by making code in production more reliable, performant, and scalable.
  • Business leaders by enabling agile development, integration and automation.

Develop modern applications

Speed up cloud-native app dev so you can reduce time-to-market and take advantage of containers, modern application patterns and practices like agile, DevOps, and continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD).

Optimize existing applications

Improve or update legacy applications and deploy them in a hybrid environment as part of your organization’s journey to cloud operations.

Using Red Hat Application Foundations on Red Hat OpenShift helps you build more reliable and adaptable technologies by supporting a unified application environment platform comprised of:

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