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Red Hat Application Foundations

Overview of Red Hat Application Foundations

Red Hat® Application Foundations includes frameworks and capabilities to design, build, deploy, connect, scale, and focus on the security of cloud-native applications. When combined with Red Hat OpenShift®, Red Hat Application Foundations creates a platform to help development and operations teams efficiently build and modernize applications with a focus on security while balancing developer choice and flexibility with operational control and security.

Red Hat Application Foundations includes capabilities to help teams adopt modern and cloud-native architectures including foundational patterns like microservices, API-first, and data streaming. And when combined with other technologies allows them to rapidly adopt more complex patterns such as event driven architecture and AI/ML that unlock new, innovative capabilities for their organizations.

By using Red Hat Application Foundations technologies in concert with their proprietary and third-party software, organizations are able to add innovation to scalable, efficient, execution and maximize the agility and benefits of their modernization journey. Benefitting from open source technology, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Application Foundations delivers a flexible and proven set of tools that allows teams to choose the best technologies for their needs as they evolve application strategy and development. 

Features of Red Hat Application Foundations

Red Hat Application Foundations helps you create a platform for building and deploying applications that help developers be more productive and innovative.

It allows operations to be more efficient by making code in production more reliable, performant, and scalable, and it fully equips business leaders with agile development, integration, and automation.

As part of its comprehensive portfolio, Red Hat Application Foundations includes:

  • Application and API connectivity.
  • Data transformation.
  • Service composition and orchestration.
  • Real-time messaging and data streaming.
  • Java™ application frameworks.
  • In-memory distributed datastore.
  • Single sign-on.
  • Migration toolkit for applications.

Red Hat Application Foundations capabilities have demonstrated success:

  • According to IDC, customers have linked the use of Red Hat application frameworks that are included with Red Hat Application Foundations to more than doubling the number of new applications they can deliver (126% more on average) as well as more frequently providing the business with new features (54% more on average). 1
  • IDC research has shown customers using Red Hat integration capabilities that are included with Red Hat Application Foundations were able to increase the number of features developed by 63%, the number of API endpoints by 40%, and the number of applications by 38%. While accomplishing this output, they also improved their IT staff efficiency.1

Technologies included in Red Hat Application Foundations

These technologies are included in Red Hat Application Foundations: 

Cloud-native integrationApplication runtimesApplication services

AMQ streams

AMQ broker


Service registry

Red Hat 3scale API Management

Camel Extensions for Quarkus (CEQ)

Camel K (CK)

Camel for Spring Boot (CSB)

Red Hat build of Quarkus

Red Hat build of OpenJDK

Spring Boot



Red Hat SSO

Red Hat Data Grid

Red Hat JBoss® Web Server

Migration toolkit for applications


Red Hat Application Foundations includes additional entitlements for current Red Hat customers that need to maintain existing applications on non-cloud-native technologies as they transition to the cloud. 

The benefits of Red Hat Application Foundations

Accelerate innovation

Combine the efficiency of continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) with innovation and speed the delivery of new applications to improve customer experiences, internal processes, or derive a competitive advantage. Red Hat Application Foundations includes tools that provide modern and cloud-first approaches to architecture giving development teams the ability to focus on innovation.

Modernize cloud management

Resolve the complexities associated with maintaining both existing and new applications using open cloud-native approaches. Application development and operations teams have a streamlined experience that combines container orchestration, developer efficiency, and flexibility and pipeline efficiency.

Adapt to changing requirements

Help application teams act as valued business partners for organizational growth and success through technology. When the demands or requirements for applications shift, Red Hat Application Foundations can help developers adapt quickly and accelerate time to market with a comprehensive set of tools.

Hybrid and multicloud 

Build a unified application environment designed to support and streamline the complex reality of hybrid cloud operations and modernization to cloud computing. Through a consistent experience across cloud environments, operations and development teams can efficiently and predictably deliver new capabilities to stakeholders to meet organizational needs.

Create a platform for applications

Create an organizational platform for development and operations teams to build and modernize applications efficiently and securely while balancing developer choice and flexibility with operational control and security when combining Red Hat OpenShift with Red Hat Application Foundations.

Talk to a Red Hatter today to learn how Red Hat Application Foundations boosts efficiency and developer productivity.

  1. IDC, sponsored by Red Hat, “The Business Value of Red Hat Integration Products,” July 2021

The combination of Red Hat Application Foundations and Red Hat OpenShift:

  • Helps application development teams spend time innovating and delivering value with both flexibility to use the right tools for the requirement and a fast time to market.
  • Allows organizations to collaborate efficiently among distributed teams and across hybrid cloud environments as they strategically modernize applications for a competitive advantage.
  • Helps organizations build, connect, and deploy  applications and services across on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud environments.
  • Provides a platform for policy-driven management that helps distributed teams build and deploy  applications with low friction and increasing frequency while also minimizing vulnerabilities and protecting employee, customer, and citizen data.
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