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Modern Application Development Roadshow

Developing and modernizing applications with Red Hat OpenShift
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About the event

A single-day experience, the Modern Application Development Roadshow caters to developers, operations practitioners, and business leaders with tailored hands-on labs that explore modern tooling, techniques, and architectures.

Upcoming events

Canberra, Australia

September 28, 2023

Seattle, WA

November 2, 2023

Past events

Hong Kong

September 12, 2023

Rabat, Morocco

September 7, 2023

Minneapolis, MN

August 30, 2023

Virtual Event

August 23, 2023

What you’ll learn and experience

  • Developer Track: Learn to assess and analyze an application for modernization and get a hands-on overview of application services with particular emphasis on Kafka, API management and integration, and how you can enhance your application portfolio.
  • Operations Track: Learn how to design and build environments for developers, deploy and manage multiple clusters with advanced cluster management, discover security vulnerabilities across multicluster deployments, and enforce security policies to keep applications from being run.
  • Business Leader Track: Learn about the evolving digital environment and the need for a flexible hybrid cloud application platform such as Red Hat® OpenShift®, as well as broader application modernization strategies, industry best practices, prescriptive guidance, and more.

Who should attend

  • IT decision makers
  • IT directors
  • Infrastructure architects
  • Infrastructure specialists
  • Enterprise architects
  • Developers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Application architects
  • Enterprise architects
  • Developer team leads

Know before you go

Operations Track

  • Competency on the Linux® command line
  • A general understanding of Linux containers (e.g., Docker,
    CRI-O, etc.)
  • A general understanding of authentication (e.g., LDAP/AD)
  • A laptop computer running Windows, MacOS, or Linux with the Firefox or Chrome web browser

Developer Track

  • Java programming
  • Apache Maven build tool
  • Linux command line and Red Hat OpenShift command line
  • Linux containers and Docker
  • Entry-level Kubernetes concepts