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What is OpenShift Serverless?

Red Hat® OpenShift® Serverless simplifies the development of hybrid cloud applications by eliminating the complexities associated with Kubernetes and the infrastructure applications are developed and deployed on. Developers will be able to focus on coding applications instead of managing intricate infrastructure details.

Red Hat OpenShift Serverless, based on the open-source Knative project, is your bridge to streamlined, efficient, and scalable event-driven cloud-native app development. Whether you’re a developer or an application development team leader, the ease, power, and flexibility that OpenShift Serverless brings will change how you see cloud-native development.

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Why choose Red Hat OpenShift Serverless?

Red Hat OpenShift Serverless empowers organizations and developers by simplifying cloud-native application development and the scaling of application workloads automatically, including down to zero. This flexibility enhances developer productivity, enabling them to focus on creating innovative, cloud-native applications without the constraints of underlying infrastructure. Its seamless integration with the hybrid and multi-cloud ecosystem ensures applications are portable across different environments. With OpenShift Serverless, organizations gain the agility to respond quickly to market demands while optimizing resource utilization, reducing operational costs, and accelerating time-to-market for new services and features.

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Features and benefits

Simplified cloud native development

Abstract infrastructure complexities, allowing developers to concentrate on coding and delivering value, enhancing development efficiency.

Automatic scaling

Dynamically adjusts application resources to match demand, including scaling to zero during inactivity, ensuring efficient resource use.

Multi-cloud portability

Ensures application consistency and flexibility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, facilitating easy application development, deployment and management.

Comprehensive integration

Seamlessly works with other OpenShift services such as Service Mesh, Pipelines, and GitOps, offering a complete efficient serverless application development and deployment experience.

Built-in security

Ensures applications are secure, reliable, and highly available with integrated security monitoring and automation features.

Enterprise-grade application platform

OpenShift as an application platform comes with a comprehensive set of tools and processes for building, deploying, and managing cloud native and serverless applications, included with every OpenShift subscription.

Keep learning about Red Hat OpenShift Serverless

To help you get started with OpenShift Serverless, Red Hat provides a range of resources and tools, including this free hands on lab, that helps you get started, providing step-by-step instructions and examples.

Additionally, the Red Hat Developer Sandbox offers a hands-on environment for developers to experiment and learn. OpenShift Serverless is available as part of any OpenShift subscription, including fully managed cloud services such as Red Hat OpenShift on AWS (ROSA) and Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO), making it accessible to organizations of all sizes.

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