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Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus

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What is Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus?

Red Hat® OpenShift® Platform Plus is a single, hybrid cloud platform that allows you to build, run, and manage applications at scale, faster than ever. Multicluster security, compliance, application and data management work across infrastructures to provide consistency throughout the software supply chain. Transform your ideas into innovations with a more secure hybrid cloud platform, open to any app, team, infrastructure, or location. 

Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus includes:

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

A consistent hybrid cloud foundation for building and scaling containerized applications.

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management Kubernetes

Application life-cycle management and governance and  across multiple Kubernetes clusters from a single console.

Built-in Kubernetes-native security that provides multicluster governance through the entire application life cycle.

Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation

Persistent software-defined storage and essential data services integrated with and optimized for Red Hat OpenShift.

A scalable, central registry to provide a single source of truth of available software and distribute it efficiently to multiple clusters.

Features & benefits


Built-in security capabilities

Monitor running workloads for security issues or threats with system-level data collection and analysis as well as more than 60 security policies that can be applied and enforced throughout the entire application life cycle.


Cluster-wide data management

Persistent storage for all of your stateful applications and cluster services. Performance at scale for data-intensive workloads, with support for all data protocols (file, block, object), and key data services such as data efficiency, resiliency, security, governance, and discovery.


Consistent operations

Apply consistent operational policies for security, configuration, compliance, and governance to Red Hat OpenShift clusters across on-premise and cloud infrastructures.

Developer tools

A library of supported tools, languages, databases, and frameworks are included to help you build, deploy, and run your applications. The operator framework delivers integrations for the latest developer tools tested and verified to run with Red Hat OpenShift.


End-to-end management

A uniform interface for both administrators and developers provides consistent management regardless of where the platform is installed—on-premise, in the cloud, or at the edge.


Support for DevSecOps

Apply a DevSecOps approach by integrating declarative security into developer tooling and workflows. Use Kubernetes-native controls to mitigate threats and enforce security policies that minimize operational risk to your applications.

Open hybrid cloud

Open hybrid cloud is Red Hat's recommended strategy for architecting, developing, and operating a hybrid mix of applications, and is built on the technological foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat OpenShift, and Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform.

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Build a software factory to support DevSecOps

Developing and managing modern cloud-native applications is a tricky balancing act of speed, consistency and security. This ebook by Red Hat experts explains how to tackle these challenges.

Red Hat OpenShift editions

Red Hat OpenShift also offers editions designed to support full operations and developer services, and complete application lifecycle management and security.


Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine


  • Enterprise Kubernetes runtime
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS immutable container operation system 
  • Administrator console
  • Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization 


Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform logo

In addition to Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine:

  • Developer console
  • Log management and metering/cost management
  • Red Hat OpenShift Serverless (Knative)
  • Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh (Istio)
  • Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines and Red Hat OpenShift GitOps (Tekton, ArgoCD)


Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus logo

In addition to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform:

  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes
  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes
  • Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation Essentials
  • Red Hat Quay

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Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus

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The Red Hat subscription advantage

A Red Hat subscription offers production-ready code, life-cycle management, software interoperability, and the flexibility to choose from multiple supported versions.

It also gives you access to a community of experts, thousands of software, cloud, and hardware partners, knowledge resources, security updates, and support tools that you can't get anywhere else.

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This intensive, hands-on offering teaches you how to create, develop, use, deploy, and access containers as DevOps and digital transformation tools.

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