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Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation

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What is Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation?

Red Hat® OpenShift® Data Foundation—previously Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage—is software-defined storage for containers. Engineered as the data and storage services platform for Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation helps teams develop and deploy applications quickly and efficiently across clouds.

Features & benefits

Enterprise cluster data management for Kubernetes

OpenShift Container Platform supports important features like all basic storage classes, S3 compatible object storage, data replication and disaster recovery capabilities, allowing application data to be placed across different availability zones.

Increased developer productivity

OpenShift Data Foundation provides cluster data management capabilities that lets organizations deploy their apps and data management as needs dictate, and then adjust as they move forward.

A consistent experience, everywhere

Cloud developers want to innovate without arbitrary limitations. OpenShift Data Foundation provides common functionality, consistently across all infrastructure platforms, simplifying life for developers.

Applications and infrastructure

OpenShift Data Foundation handles application data needs, as well as registry, logging, and metrics storage for OpenShift Container Platform internals.

Single point of support

Red Hat provides support for the container host, development environment, and data management.

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What you get

Your Red Hat subscription comes with award-winning support; the industry's largest ecosystem of partners, customers, and experts; hardware certification; and a connection to open source communities where we source the best features and make them safe for our enterprise products.

Services & programs

More ways to improve your Red Hat experience


Our technical experts can work with you to find an approach that meets your storage needs for hybrid cloud and multicloud container deployments.

Partner program

Whether you’re building our an IT stack or want to grow your business, our partner community can help.


Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation is underpinned by Red Hat Ceph Storage—and that product’s development begins in the Ceph open source community.

How to buy Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation

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Get help on purchasing Red Hat Openshift Data Foundation from our experts.

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Find and work with an authorized Red Hat partner.

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