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SAP on Red Hat OpenShift

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Kubernetes supports rapid innovation and SAP Data Intelligence makes it easy to understand and explore your entire data landscape from one interface. Accelerate intelligent data with enterprise level service from both Red Hat and SAP.

Choosing a Kubernetes platform to run SAP Data Intelligence and other SAP workloads is a required task for SAP customers that want to run machine learning (ML) and other applications in a managed container environment. Choosing the right platform can be the key to building and managing successful SAP projects as well as extending your system capabilities including SAP data integration with other enterprise applications. True application modernization and digital transformation can be achieved with Red Hat® OpenShift®, the leading enterprise Kubernetes solution in the market.

  • Allow developers to build and easily share applications so they are automatically built and deployed by the platform on every code commit.
  • Build environments without complexity.
  • Allow developer teams to access the SAP functionality they need to develop new SAP solutions, and enable easy on-premise to cloud portability and integration.

Reliable, consistent environments without the steep learning curve.

When it comes to all of your administrative tasks and environments, you need consistency and efficiency for logging, monitoring, auditing, networking, managing storage, and general maintenance scheduling. When using Red Hat OpenShift, you can seamlessly move workloads between cloud and on-premise environments without having your team needing to be expert in all of the administrative tasks.

With Red Hat OpenShift, all tools are the same across all environments and will be maintained in the same cadence, so you’re not stuck with v.1 in one platform and v.2 in another. The upgrades and patching are all in Red Hat OpenShift and therefore consistent across all platforms and experiences. Red Hat OpenShift handles the storage and networking complexities underneath – Red Hat maps and configures to the right type so that you don’t have to. 

You have deep experience managing the SAP data environment through traditional system admin tools. Many of those same tasks can be managed differently; with Red Hat OpenShift, it’s all taken care of for you.

SAP Data Intelligence on Red Hat OpenShift

Accelerate your workflows and automate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) life-cycle management.

Building and running SAP Commerce in Red Hat OpenShift

See the process for building and deploying the SAP Commerce platform (formerly known as SAP Hybris).

SAP Data Intelligence Installation Instructions

Install SAP Data Intelligence 3 on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.

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