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Red Hat OpenShift editions and pricing

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Red Hat® OpenShift® is built to deliver speed and consistency at any scale across any infrastructure. Whether running self-managed Red Hat OpenShift on your own infrastructure, or fully managed in the public cloud of your choice, there’s a plan to match your needs.

Cloud services

Red Hat OpenShift cloud services editions

Reserved instances of Red Hat OpenShift are available for as little as $0.076/hour.*

*Pricing based on 4vCPU, 3 year contract. Minimum worker node configuration required.

Details Red Hat OpenShift
Service on AWS
Red Hat and Microsoft Azure logo Microsoft Azure
Red Hat OpenShift
Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated logo Red Hat OpenShift
Red Hat OpenShift on
IBM Cloud
Infrastructure Cloud hosted
Cloud hosted
Cloud hosted
Choice of: AWS or Google Cloud
Cloud hosted
IBM Cloud
Billed by AWS Azure 1. Red Hat for OpenShift

2. AWS or Google Cloud for infrastructure used
Managed by  Red Hat and AWS Red Hat and Microsoft Red Hat IBM
Supported by  Red Hat and AWS Red Hat and Microsoft Red Hat Red Hat and IBM
Service level agreement (SLA) 99.95% uptime 99.95% uptime 99.95% uptime 99.99% uptime
Choice of standard, high-memory, or high-CPU worker nodes
Choice of worker node sizes
Included support: Red Hat premium support and industry-leading site reliability engineers (SREs)
Continuous management of updates, security patches, and releases
Monitoring, logging, metrics, service mesh, and CI/CD capabilities
Price consistency across available regions
Red Hat OpenShift API Management included (up to 100,000 calls per day)
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The Total Economic Impact of Red Hat OpenShift cloud services

Forrester reports on the three-year financial impact of using Red Hat OpenShift cloud services.


Self-managed Red Hat OpenShift editions

Choose Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus for the most comprehensive Openshift experience, or another edition depending on your needs. Pricing varies based on your sizing and subscription choices. Questions? Talk to a Red Hatter.


Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine

  • Enterprise Kubernetes runtime
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS immutable container operation system 
  • Administrator console
  • Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization 


Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform logo

In addition to Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine: 
  • Developer console
  • Log management and metering/cost management 
  • Red Hat OpenShift Serverless (Knative)
  • Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh (Istio)
  • Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines and Red Hat OpenShift GitOps (Tekton, ArgoCD)


Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus logo

In addition to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform: 
  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes
  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes
  • Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation Essentials
  • Red Hat Quay
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Start a free trial of Red Hat OpenShift

Get started in the developer sandbox, launch a trial cluster of Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated, or set up a trial of self-managed Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

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