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As your applications evolve into collections of decentralized microservices, monitoring and managing the network communications and security among those multiple services becomes more challenging.

Red Hat® OpenShift® Service Mesh provides a uniform way to connect, manage, and observe microservices-based applications. It provides behavioral insight into—and control of—the networked microservices in your service mesh.

Based on the open source Istio project, Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh provides additional functionality with the inclusion of other open source projects like Kiali (Istio console) and Jaeger (distributed tracing), which supports collaboration with leading members of the Istio community.

Red Hat OpenShift: Service Mesh. Video duration: 3:08

Why choose Red Hat?

OpenShift Service Mesh helps developers increase productivity by integrating communications policies without changing application code or integrating language-specific libraries. OpenShift Service Mesh also simplifies operations since it installs easily on Red Hat OpenShift, has been tested with other Red Hat products, and comes with access to award-winning support.

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Features and benefits

Ready for production

Get started fast. Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh is pre-validated and fully supported to work on Red Hat OpenShift, a unified platform to build, modernize, and deploy applications at scale.


Gain access to comprehensive application networking security with transparent mTLS encryption and fine-grained policies that facilitate zero-trust networking.

Traffic management

Control the flow of traffic and application programming interface (API) calls between services, make calls more reliable, and make the network more robust.


Gain understanding of the dependencies between services and the nature and flow of traffic between them, providing the ability to quickly identify issues.

Policy enforcement

Apply organizational policy to the interaction between services, to ensure access policies are enforced and resources are fairly distributed among consumers.

Open source integrations

Extend security, control, and management from the service mesh into the API layer with 3scale API management integration.

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