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Red Hat Certified Engineer

A Red Hat® Certified Engineer (RHCE®) is a Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) who is ready to automate Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® tasks, integrate Red Hat emerging technologies, and apply automation for efficiency and innovation.


Comparing skill paths for versions 7 and 8 of Red Hat Enterprise Linux


Understanding your Red Hat Certified Engineer skill path options


Find answers to all of your questions about the new RHCE program

Certification updates

Validate your Linux automation skills

As teams and organizations pursue digital transformation, the Red Hat Certified Engineer credential is changing to match new needs and fill skills gaps. We have updated our exam and certification to reflect the need for the automation knowledge required to deploy, manage, and support a container-based architecture—making your credential even more valuable and relevant.

To learn more about how, why, and when the RHCE certification is changing, check out our frequently asked questions. You can also review the sections for existing RHCEs and future and current candidates for details that are more specific to you.

Add automation skills to your toolset

If you’re already a Red Hat Certified Engineer, consider adding automation to your skill set by recertifying on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 version of the credential. While you are not required to recertify on the new version, the changes we have made to the RHCE credential offer unique opportunities for you to expand your knowledge.

One of the options you have is to pursue the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation credential while it is still available, taking Automation with Ansible (DO407) as part of your preparation. The RHCSA credential validates skills that are similar to those demonstrated as part of the RHCE credential and could be applied toward becoming a Red Hat Certified Architect in Infrastructure.

For more information on this and other options, consult our frequently asked questions.

Expand your knowledge with new options

If you are a Red Hat Certified System Administrator and would like to become a Red Hat Certified Engineer, you have two paths to choose from:

  • The legacy track that places more emphasis on network services skills and is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • The new track that places more emphasis on automation skills and is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Find out which of these tracks may be best for you by consulting our frequently asked questions.

Learn Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Start your journey toward earning a Red Hat Certified Engineer credential by becoming a Red Hat Certified System Administrator. By learning Linux system administration skills, you will build a foundation that you can add automation knowledge to through the RHCE credential.

Learn Red Hat Ansible Automation

By developing automation skills to complement your deployment and configuration abilities, you will prove your understanding of how Ansible Automation interacts with other Red Hat technologies.

These course and exam offerings will help you learn and validate automation knowledge:

Check out our frequently asked questions for more information about learning outcomes and how to get a sneak peak of the new RHCE track.

The knowledge acquired as a Red Hat Certified Engineer has enabled me to use the expertise and the troubleshooting skills on complex problems for the benefit of SEAQ's customers.

Felipe Ceballos, RHCA
2016 Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year
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