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Unlock the power of your APIs

Application programming interfaces (APIs) deliver fundamental business value in a digital world–from supporting internal innovation and enabling cross-enterprise agility, to creating new products and revenue streams.

Red Hat® 3scale API Management makes it easy to manage your APIs for internal or external users. Share, secure, distribute, control, and monetize your APIs on an infrastructure platform built with performance, customer control, and future growth in mind. And now, with the release of 3scale API Management 2, you can place any 3scale components on-premise, in the cloud, or on any combination of the two.

Features & benefits

High availability and performance

Our web-scalable architecture provides high availability with uptime guarantees of 99.99%, carrying hundreds of millions of API calls per day. All this with no latency and no round trips between your infrastructure and Red Hat 3scale API Management.

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Red Hat Fuse integration

Integrate with Red Hat Fuse to create your API, and then configure your API gateway on Red Hat OpenShift to control and distribute gateways in local deployments, cloud, or on-premise using the same stack.

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OpenShift integration

Gain the power of Linux® containers—delivered at scale for APIs. OpenShift by Red Hat users can use the 3scale API gateway to build and run high-performance applications in a contained and automated way.

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Hybrid cloud support across all components

Now 3scale fully supports all components residing on-premise, in the cloud, or on any combination of the two. Design your API management the way you want it.

Unique cloud-hybrid architecture

API program management

A distributed cloud layer which centralizes control of your API program, including analytics, access control, monetization, developer workflows, and more.


API traffic control

Integrate with Red Hat 3scale API Management using self-managed or cloud components that provide traffic control, security, and access policy enforcement.

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Customer success

We want to make sure our customers are able to use our API in the way that works best for them. Plus, I care a great deal that our API is well-structured and well-documented. The 3scale API management solution just works. I’ve been able to set and forget it.

Kurt Freytag, head of product, Crunchbase

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Today's organizations don't ask whether to engage in API programs, but how to do so. This whitepaper answers the question by drawing on best practices from leading practitioners in seven areas key to the success of effective API programs.

Technology guide

3scale technical overview

Red Hat 3scale API Management offers a layered architecture that helps you implement traffic control where you need it and manage usage from a single, cloud-based interface.


Achieve agility with microservices and APIs

See how API management can support a microservices architecture to achieve enterprise agility. Microservices with APIs allow organizations to build and maintain more agile and flexible IT systems.


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