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What are Red Hat OpenShift cloud services?

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Red Hat named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

Red Hat was positioned highest for ability to execute and furthest for completeness of vision in the Gartner 2023 Magic Quadrant for Container Management.

To stay competitive organizations focus on delivering value to customers in the form of great customer experiences, fast and personalized service, and problem solving. That means organizations can spend more time building and deploying applications, and less time managing infrastructure. 

Red Hat OpenShift cloud services help you automate the deployment and management of Red Hat OpenShift clusters, so you can build, deliver and maintain applications across every major public cloud environment—in less time. Red Hat OpenShift cloud services are optimized for performance and scalability to provide you a consistent hybrid cloud experience. Your organization can be free to focus on innovative projects, rather than application platform management.

A managed Kubernetes service provides ongoing operations and support for container deployments. Managed services help you simplify your Kubernetes deployment and reduce operational overhead and complexities. 

This allows developers and IT organizations to rapidly adopt enterprise-grade Kubernetes application development and deployment so they can focus on what matters most, their applications.

Red Hat OpenShift is an application platform with comprehensive automation capabilities for managing hybrid cloud and multicloud deployments that empowers organizations to modernize their applications and infrastructure, accelerate digital transformation, and enhance business innovation.   

If your organization needs to get started quickly and would like to offload the ongoing management of your application platform, Red Hat OpenShift cloud services provides you an ideal solution.

Accelerate time to value

  • Quickly build, deploy and manage applications that scale as needed

Focus on innovation

  • Simplify operations so your teams can refocus on innovative activities, not managing infrastructure

Hybrid cloud flexibility

  • Deliver a consistent OpenShift experience on premises and in the cloud

Operational efficiency

  • Enhance operational consistency, efficiency and security with proactive management and support from Red Hat SREs

Multi-cloud Red Hat OpenShift. Video duration: 4:24

What makes Red Hat OpenShift cloud services different?

  • Turnkey application platform: A turnkey application platform with fully integrated tools and consistent interfaces and application programming interfaces (APIs) reduces friction between teams during development, deployment, and operations while accelerating the time to value and time to market by helping teams focus on building apps rather than building and maintaining their own application platforms.

    "The fact that it’s built on open source components helped us with the vendor lock-in," Seijbel reports. "It also is a complete platform in terms of services included. Other options were halfway." Ortec case study
  • Cloud native solutions with leading cloud providers: Red Hat has joint, cloud-native offerings on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud, giving you full integration and access to native cloud tools and programs, streamlined billing, and integrated support. AWS and Azure customers also have access to committed spend and discount programs for Red Hat products and services. 

    "The ROSA-managed service takes away one piece of our Kubernetes administration, giving us the freedom to tackle other challenges, especially ones that will make our lives better. We can also onboard new acquisitions more efficiently and thoroughly than previously."  Brightly case study
  • Global SRE expertise: Red Hat Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) are experts in Red Hat OpenShift, our supported applications, and handling high velocity, high volume, and diversity of clusters, pods, and workloads. SREs provide automated proactive monitoring, self-service tools, and self-healing systems that make deploying applications easier and reduce the chance of error. 

    "The main strength of OpenShift Dedicated is the speed of deployment and platform adjustment. Red Hat has highly trained people who monitor our system 24 hours a day." Globo case study
  • Consistent hybrid cloud experience: Red Hat OpenShift provides a managed turnkey application platform on every major public cloud with a consistent user experience no matter where it is deployed. This provides our customers an easy way to use the same platform across environments and the ability to choose the solution that best fits their workloads and requirements.

    "A combination of fully managed and self-managed Red Hat OpenShift gave us the flexibility and ease of use to deploy applications quickly, where and how we need, so our developers can spend time creating innovation for our customers, not on operational tasks." Boehringer Ingelheim case study


Get to know Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA)

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Red Hat® OpenShift® provides a centralized collaboration platform to help your organization scale DevOps.

Red Hat® Developer Hub provides the tools to build an internal developer platform, a critical part of maintaining a DevOps culture.

Red Hat® Trusted Software Supply Chain helps organizations build security into the software development life cycle from the start.

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