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Success story

Andreani improves systems, meets increased volume demand


Grupo Logístico Andreani, the leading logistics company in Argentina, needed to distribute products such as drugs and basic necessities to keep the country supplied through the mandatory social isolation period during COVID-19. Andreani used Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift to sustain operations—implementing its adoption in less than a week—and met the 35% increase in volume demand without delays in service.


As for the benefits that Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift provides, the speed of implementation, the flexibility and scalability of the solution, and the simplicity of the tool stand out.

Sebastián Sarasate
Infrastructure Manager, Grupo Logístico Andreani


Meet increased volume demand and avoid service delays

Andreani experienced a 35% increase in volume demand in a matter of weeks during the COVID-19 mandatory social isolation. As a result, the company needed an efficient way to expand its operating and processing capacity to avoid service delays or interruptions in in-person logistics operations.


Expand operational capacity and improve systems

Andreani had begun modernizing its applications through containers and microservices using Red Hat OpenShift two years prior and had used Microsoft Azure for hybrid cloud. When the COVID-19 pandemic created the need for mandatory social isolation, it implemented the joint solution Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift to standardize the carrier route for its logistics operations, saving time while maintaining customer satisfaction and service quality.

Business outcome

Respond to exponential increase while avoiding risk

Using Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift, Andreani was able to improve systems in an agile way and with more security while meeting the 35% increase in volume demand. The company is now in a position to adapt to new business needs and to the demands of its customers efficiently and quickly. Its next step will be to update OpenShift versions in its datacenter to scale horizontally and move hybrid cloud workloads dynamically.

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