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What is Red Hat Service Interconnect?

Red Hat® Service Interconnect simplifies application connectivity across Red Hat® and non-Red Hat environments and platforms. Unlike traditional means of interconnecting, such as VPNs combined with complex firewall rules, interconnections can be created by anyone on the development team without elevated privileges and delivered with a protected link without compromising the organization's infrastructure or data.

Product details

Application layer abstraction

Interconnections created by Service Connector are agnostic of the environment, and enable portability for both applications and their associated networking. Migrations can now be done without recreating the networking.

Simple command line interface

Red Hat Service Interconnect provides a simple command line interface which can be used without elevated privileges by development teams in order to establish unexposed connections across environments.


Mutual TLS encryption

Interconnections use mutual transport layer security (TLS) in order to prevent unauthorized interconnections. Organizations can operate flexibly and quickly while maintaining protection of their infrastructure and data.



Hybrid cloud networking

Simplify networking between different Kubernetes clusters, virtual machines, and bare-metal hosts.


Simplified networking

Reduce complexity and effort associated with managing network infrastructure across different environments, and specialists needed compared to traditional methods like VPNs and complex firewall rules.


Enhanced portability

Enhance application agility by dynamically connecting a wide range of applications and services across different environments. Move applications and services as needed, without having to explicitly manage required network connectivity or infrastructure limitations.


Developer productivity

Allow application developers to establish interconnection with other services and applications in different environments, without relying on network specialists. Reduce time in development and deployment across environments by enabling applications to move to different environments along with their required interconnections. 

Frequently asked questions

Is Red Hat Service Interconnect really just a VPN for applications?

No, Red Hat Service Interconnect works at the application level, creating access without having to reconfigure underlying networking, VPN, or firewalls between on-premises, or cloud properties.

Does Red Hat Service Interconnect only work on Red Hat OpenShift?

No. Red Hat Service Interconnect is also supported on any non-Red Hat Kubernetes clusters, virtual machines, or bare-metal hosts in addition to being supported on Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

How does Red Hat Service Interconnect help to protect my organization's infrastructure and data?

Red Hat Service Interconnect allows developers to create interconnections easily without the requirement for elevated system privileges. Interconnections are protected using mutual TLS encryption, thus helping avoid security risk for the organization and user's data.

How does Service Interconnect establish secure connections between environments?

Red Hat Service Interconnect provides a simple and easy to understand command line interface in order to establish unexposed connections across environments. It also provides a web console to visualize the different connections.

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