Red Hat Certificate System

A framework to establish and maintain identities and keep communications private

Red Hat® Certificate System is a security framework that manages user identities and helps keep communications private. It protects internet traffic against hackers and bots by simplifying how a business deploys and adopts public key cryptography—which is responsible for data encryption, decryption, authentication, and more.

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Features & Benefits

Support for all public key infrastructure

Every common public key infrastructure (PKI) operation is carried out by interoperating subsystems in Red Hat Certificate System, such as renewing and revoking certificates, archiving and recovering keys, publishing certificate revocation lists, and verifying certificate status.

Multifactor authentication

Red Hat Certificate System includes a card management system, which simplifies key enrollments, archivals, PIN resets, and recoveries.

High availability and scalability

Certificate authorities can be cloned in Red Hat Certificate System without creating subordinate certificate authorities. It also integrates with third-party security software and existing applications through published application programming interfaces (APIs)

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Simplify your security processes with help from our technical experts.

Open source

Contribute to the DogTag Certificate System, the upstream project of Red Hat Certificate System.


Your Red Hat Certificate System subscription gives you access to technical experts and support services to help you successfully build, deploy, and manage your enterprise security.

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