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Employers modernizes, improves 3-year sales by 40%


To compete in an increasingly digital market, workers’ compensation insurance provider Employers created a central application environment and automated policy processes. Now the company has a foundation for agile, responsive workflows, leading to a 40% increase in 3-year sales and a more efficient customer experience. Guidance from Red Hat’s technology experts helps Employers continue to find  new opportunities to innovate.


Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB Compared to the competition, Red Hat was really the clear choice. With the option for support from a Technical Account Manager and consulting services, Red Hat offers the whole package businesses need for success.

Jeff Shaw

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Employers


Modernize by improving delivery approach

Since 1913, Employers has helped small businesses meet their workers’ compensation insurance needs. As the market shifts to digital business and service delivery, organizations like Employers are facing new competition. The company recognized that it needed a more efficient delivery approach. Its existing processes relied on legacy applications and required frequent manual intervention, delaying delivery to underwriters, claim representatives, agents, and other clients.


Move to hybrid cloud and optimize performance

Working with Red Hat consultants, Employers completed implementation of Red Hat OpenShift and supporting management solutions in just 3 months, including a quote engine created with Red Hat Decision Manager that governs 19,000 distinct rules. All new applications are now built in this environment. Within this new Kubernetes application, Employers has adopted a truly hybrid approach to IT infrastructure. Workloads can now be hosted in a variety of environments to optimize performance.

Business outcome

Speed delivery time with portable infrastructure

Employers’ new infrastructure allows it to develop new revenue streams—including faster quote generation—which has helped the company increase sales by 40% in 3 years. This infrastructure has also enhanced Employers’ disaster recovery approach so it can easily move workloads to respond to server malfunctions. Using Decision Manager, it improved its policy processing time from 18 minutes to less than 2 minutes. Employers plans to explore new automation and integration opportunities to stay ahead of its competition.


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